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Just catching up on the HAS newsletter, and thought this might be interesting to some of you:

art installation

Read the entire issue here HAS Newsletter 2014-3 15 8 14zb and read more about this artist and his installation on Page 12 and read all the way through to find out how you can support the very important work of the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.

From the artist’s website:

Dion Fitzgerald is a Canadian visual artist & musician. Oral history, cultural traditions and personal experience highly influence his abstracted concepts, realized in both acrylic and mixed media. Since his 2008 exhibits in Toronto, he has gone on to showcase his work internationally, including gallery shows in London, UK and Barcelona. Fitzgerald refers to his new work as “conceptual expressionism” and has several shows planned for 2014.

“I create paintings that occur in the past, present and future. The works are about Black male identity in North America during each of these periods. There is a beauty in the highly textured backdrops that provide a platform for an evolving dance of tone, chiaroscuro, colour, movement and markings. My work has evolved into an abstracted conversation of my own history and family heritage, the absence of African based high art, assumed power, emotion & romance. This collection of works represent the new man, the son of the diaspora, reborn and as beautiful as he has ever been.”

– DF 

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