Cushion Club Resumes

The long hot summer is over and school is back in session, you know what that means – Cushion Club weekends. The children’s reading clubs comes together again this and every Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon. You know where, the University of the West Indies Open Campus (Antigua and Barbuda). Let the reading adventure begin. Adult volunteers also welcomed.


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3 responses to “Cushion Club Resumes

  1. carol

    My son and I turned up this morning at uwi along with another new parent and her daughter anxious to see what the club is like but nobody was there. Has the venue change?

    • No, the venue has not changed. I’m not sure what happened …I’m going to assume it’s the weather. The chief volunteer contacted me just this week, let me know it was resuming and asked me to put out something. I’ll let him know your experience. Again, not sure why no one was there, but I apologize on his behalf. I’ll update the announcement when I speak with him.

    • Carol, I checked and there was a mix up re the dates. They actually resume next week Saturday (September 13th). Sincere apologies and I hope you’ll come out again.

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