Expressions: Poetry in the Pub

Expressions: Poetry in the Pub is an Antiguan and Barbudan open mic staple produced by August Rush – that’s writers, activists, and women of the arts Linisa George and Zahra Airall. If you check the Expressions page on facebook, you’ll see there is quite a bit of anticipation by young wordsmiths around this twice monthly (second and fourth Tuesday) event. Anyone can stop by Heavenly Java 2 Go in Redcliffe Quay on either night and step up to the mic. Open mics have come and gone over the years but Expressions keeps ’em coming. Here are some reasons why:

“…you hear me, I does not mind people’s business
But if me did do…”

“…as you say what must be said
even as it goes through and over certain heads…”

“…all she has are Motown blues, Kitchener calypsos and Short Shirt’s Muse…”

“…with pen in hand my mind filled with words fighting to be released, to be written…”

words, good vibes…and did I mention laughter:

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