Chang in Antigua

Chang2This is a post note from the US Embassy in Barbados re the recent mini-tour of three islands in the Caribbean by Tina Chang, Brooklyn Poet Laureate. I was at that reading and loved so many things about it from Chang’s reflections on the link between her personal and her poetry, to her reporting on her efforts as Laureate to bring poetry to the community, to her sharing of her space with local poets including Wadadli Pen’s own Asha Graham, to her wonderful poetry. Thanks, Tina, for an evening well spent.  Chang1And this is what the Embassy folks had to say (also, enjoy the pictures they provided of the event):

Chang with local poet Kimolisa Mings whose first collection She Wanted a Love Poem recently debuted.

Chang with local poet Kimolisa Mings whose first collection She Wanted a Love Poem recently debuted.

Chang with Asha

Chang with 2013 and 2014 Wadadli Pen winner Asha Graham.

Tina Chang, Brooklyn, New York’s Poet Laureate, showcased her poetry during three evening public events in Antigua, Barbados, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. These readings showcased the diversity and modernity of American literature. The events also allowed Ms. Chang to share her opinions on poetry’s relevance and give insight on her creative process.

Poetry is a legitimate part of the literary landscape. Poets have always played an important role in telling the American story, and the Eastern Caribbean has a rich cultural history of poetry and story-telling. Great poetry resonates with us, challenges us, and teaches us about ourselves and the world in which we live.

The cultural industries contribute to a vibrant, prosperous society. The program aligned with the U.S. Embassy’s goals of investing in people through education and promoting social equity. This program helped the U.S. Embassy recruit candidates for the International Writers’ program (IWP), the Department of State’s premier exchange program for creative writers.

See pictures of all Chang’s stops.

Read Chang Biography: BIO_TINA CHANG (longer).

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