Invitation to Serve as a Resource and Research Person

From my friend and colleague Marcella A. Andre-Georges, founder and director of NIA COMMS and Emerge Caribbean Women:


Dear Colleague, Friend, Historian, Artist, Researcher, Antiguan/African History Enthusiast

I am writing in conjunction with Antigua’s African Slavery Memorial Society (ASMS) and the TOSTEMS (Tourism Programme Centered on the Sites of the Slave Trade, Slavery and their Memories) Project.

The TOSTEMS Programme is a project that has been undertaken within the framework of the ACP-EU Support Programme for the ACP Cultural Sector. The Coordinator of the project is Edith Oladele.

o     Coordination of the creation of a touristic offer “History and Memory”

o     Coordination of the conception, technical preparation and circulation of the travelling exhibition, and organization of the Scientific Committee meeting in Antigua & Barbuda

o     Creation of the initial exhibition of the future slave trade and slavery museum in Antigua & Barbuda and corresponding catalogue

–       Study and validation of the research work and provide research support with the help of the Shackles of Memory network when necessary

–       Study and validation of the exhibition and catalogue texts

–       Study and validation of the inventory of objects, documents and other materials that make up the exhibition

–       Reflect on the exhibition’s scenography in tandem with the ASMS

o     Creation of Postcards and derivatives

–       Participation in the reflection regarding their design and creation

–       Selection of the appropriate photos, study and validation of all derivatives’ contents

–       Study and validation of all quotes related to printing postcards and producing derivatives

o     Training sessions: study and validation of the different elements necessary in order to prepare the training programmes: needs assessment questionnaire, preselected guides lists, training programme

In order to achieve these objectives it is necessary to engage members of the public who are not only interested in preserving our history but passionate. This letter serves as your invitation to consider adding your expertise, knowledge and know how to ensuring that this project is successful through collaboration with other individuals knowledgeable and passionate about this aspect of our history. Ultimately the fulfilment of the project’s remit will redound to the long term benefit of Antigua and Barbuda for generations.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of these projects. Please also find attached to this mail a copy of the aims and objectives of the African Slavery Memorial Society.   In anticipation of your favourable response we propose a general assembly on Monday December 8th [7 p.m.] at the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Long Street to further discuss and orient you to the ASMS/TOSTEMS project. We look forward to hearing from you.

For further information on the ASMS please see the attached document: ASMS 2012 Aims Objectives Abbrev.

Kind Regards,

Marcella A. Andre-Georges                                               Edith Oladele

Communication and Public Outreach Manager                 Local Coordinator

ASMS/TOSTEMS Project                                                  ASMS/TOSTEMS Project

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