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Not sure I’ll make all these items which popped up in my facebook events feed but if you’re in Antigua and into culture and/or conservation, you might…

Feb 26 – preview evening of new art work by Art at the Ridge artist in residence Jane Seagull. Jane and Art at the Ridge are past Wadadli Pen Challenge patrons; and Ridge owner Joy is a past judge of our art Challenge. So, be sure to support. It’s 6 – 8 p.m. at Sugar Club.


Feb 28 — An afternoon of creative writing and paint a pot. Heard about this one from former Wadadli Pen judge and patron Brenda Lee Browne. It’s being held at Cedars Pottery, at St. Clare’s Estate on the road to Buckleys; and begins at 2 p.m.

Feb 28 – Lia Nicholson, a past Wadadli Pen finalist, is now an executive member of the Environmental Awareness Group. She tagged me in on the next members’ meeting at which Ruleta Camacho, senior environment officer at the Environment Division, will speak on the content of the Environmental Protection & Management Bill, the status of its reading in Parliament, next steps for its passage, and implications for the public and the environment once the bill is passed.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT *** no date yet for the Wadadli Pen awards ceremony – but the submission deadline is March 4th.

March 5 – Marcus Christopher’s funeral – this isn’t an event as such but given Christopher’s contribution to the calypso art form as a lyricist, I do fee the literary community should join the musical community and his community of family and friends in paying respects. Check this tribute for funeral details.

March 6 – Soothe  7:30 p.m. at Splash – the second incarnatioin of a unique words and rhythm event.


March 12th – For many years, Sharlene Warner Samuel has travelled around the country entertaining people with her hilarious, thought-provoking poems and skits. She has now set off on a new venture and has published her first book, “Let Me Be What I Am”. With its colourful design and large font, this book – which contains some of her most requested poems – is ideal for children and adults. In conjunction with the Methodist Book Shop, she will be launching this book on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 4:15pm. Books will be available at a 25% discount from 4pm.

March 14  4 – 6 p.m. – art auction at Government House with art work donated by 20 or so local artists. Proceeds in aid of GH restoration. Spaces are limited for this inaugural fundraising event for the much needed renovation of Government House. Those keen to donate or to purchase a piece of local art while helping to beautify and preserve our National Heritage, are invited to respond to this event via email for confirmation of attendance. Please email members of the Art Auction sub-committee – Charmaine Werth at cw@charmainewerth.com or Joy James at Art At The Ridge (artattheridge@hotmail.com). If you have any further questions please call Joy James on 728-1558 or Charmaine Werth on 726-1068 or Nicholas Hadeed on 464-9836.

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