Art at the Ridge presents Beyond The Blue by SARAH JANE ALLAN


Preview Evening: Friday 27 March 2015, 6.00pm – 8.00pm, Sugar Club

Thereafter exhibiting at Sugar Club and Art At The Ridge

Art At The Ridge’s art exhibition this month is ‘Beyond The Blue’ by Sarah Jane Allan, an English artist who now resides between Antigua and the UK. Sarah Jane initially trained at the Guildford College of Art and has exhibited in the UK over the past 11 years. Her mixed media work uses acrylic, ink, collage and resins to create and exciting and refreshingly different style of vibrant colourful art that is inspired by the Caribbean Sea.

Sarah Jane describes her paintings as intuitive, playful and energetic. Rich in colour and emotion, expressively painted and visually engaging. Surrounded by the sea, it is natural to be touched by such changing beauty and she aims to capture this in her work. Sometimes Sarah Jane refers to photography as her starting point and a way to engage with the surface, after which often an abstract interpretation evolves.

For her poured paintings, Sarah Jane explores how gravity pulls highly viscous paints. The process takes hours to form and days to dry. She uses a bold and playful palette of colour, which swirl and mingle, the movement creating designs evocative of the intricate patterns of nature. To complete these pieces of art, Sarah Janes seals with a coat of epoxy resin. The resin flows across the artwork like molten lava, while the colours of paint underneath blend together to create some amazing effects in the process.


This is a press release from Art at the Ridge, which has been a Wadadli Pen partner and patron. Find more about them at


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