Granta, Small Axe, Bridport are just some of the prizes with upcoming deadlines. Remember, I’m always updating the Opportunities page. So, if you land here, ever, search Opportunities to see what’s new. Don’t miss out.

Wadadli Pen

Formerly the ‘Market’s page; this is A list in progress of writing programmes and places to which you might submit. Some are things I’ve done or plan to do, some I’ve been rejected by and plan to try again, some I’m not right or ready for but came across in my research. Researching and submitting to things that could open up opportunities for me are a part of what I do as a working writer. By posting them here, I’m saving you some research time…and giving myself more competition; but I want to see more Antiguans and Barbudans reaching for these opportunities because I know we have it in us.

A cautionary note: I try to do research before posting and do so in good faith; still, I can’t vouch for all these. So remember do your own due dilligence; also read the submission and/or application guidelines carefully.

Re the markets, please note these are not all paying markets…

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