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You may remember this blog about the Bocas prize and specifically an Antiguan and Barbudan making the long list (blogged because I was so psyched to see our name there). Well, Bocas was last weekend and applause all around to all the winners. Thrilled for all of them. Lucian Vladimir Lucien continues his ascendance as one of the Caribbean poetic voices of our times with his win of the main prize (details here http://www.bocaslitfest.com/awards/the-ocm-bocas-prize-for-caribbean-literature), woot woot to Trini Danielle Boodoo Fortune (referenced a million times on this site because we love her poetry and her art so much, also one of our judges) on her win of the Hollick Arvon prize http://www.bocaslitfest.com/awards/hollick-arvon-prize, aaand finally big up to Lynn Joseph of Trinidad, Jamaica’s Diana McCaulay, and winner Imam Baksh of Guyana on their wins in the 2015 Burt Award http://www.bocaslitfest.com/awards/burt-award-for-caribbean-literature CONGRATULATIONS to them all.

Wadadli Pen

The long list of the OCM Bocas Prize was announced this weekend and an Antiguan and Barbudan writer/book/subject is on the list! 2136dd3c-42db-4ee4-841a-70fa52ac3d4cThe writer, Dorbrene O’Marde; the book, Nobody Go Run Me; the subject, Short Shirt . Maybe it will get some press here at home – whether you believe as I do that Short Shirt is the epitome of Antiguan and Barbudan calypso artistry, he is one of our cultural and calypso icons after all – whatever he does is news (right?), and Dorbrene is a well-established arts and media personality in his own right – from his days as Head of Harambee, widely acclaimed as the best of Antiguan theatre, to his current role as head and mouthpiece of the Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Support Commission (his profile certainly makes him news, right?). Plus Nobody Go Run Me was part of the news story that was…

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