Barbuda and Betty’s Hope, the Joy Connection

Joy Lawrence remains a woman on a mission, earlier this year releasing the latest of her village histories…and you can bet she’s not done yet. When last we caught up with her, she’d just written about Parham, on the heels of her history on Bethesda and Christian Hill. Well, she’s been busy since her April launch promoting Barbuda and Betty’s Hope, including a stop over in the sister island.


Per her launch release: “This latest publication chronicles the history of Barbuda and the Betty’s Hope Estate beginning with review of the mutual factor, the Codrington connection.

“The book is littered with references to support the historical facts mixed with lively first person recounts of special events and daily events from individuals who experienced life in both communities from a variety of socio-economic perspective. …”

We’re late but as we always say around here, books don’t have a limited shelf life; so we want to take this opportunity to say congrats to Joy who volunteered with the Wadadli Pen programme in 2014 and who has also been a patron of the programme.

Copies of her books are available in all major bookstores across the island. Copies are also available for international delivery.  You can also find Joy on facebook or email her at

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