Before there was ‘For Cup’ there was ‘Fork up de Land’ – RIP Franco

(from the Daily Observer, Tuesday August 18, 2015, Page 7, by Tameika Malone)
“One of the sweetest calypso voices you could hear anywhere” has been silenced. Veteran calypsonian Franklyn ‘Franco’ Reynolds passed away last weekend after a diagnosis of colon cancer a week ago, his friend and colleague Ogliver ‘Destroyer Sr.’ Jacobs told Observer media yesterday. “From the day he came in it was one of the sweetest voices you could ever hear in calypso. He was a finalist for many years, though he never made the top three…” Reynolds was known for his famous songs Fork up De Land; Yes, We are Ready and Want All… he joined the local calypso arena in 1969 with the song Let us Live Together and was one of the founding members of the Calypso Pepperpot in 1972… RIP Franco

“Yes, we are ready
Ready to take a stand
Ready to redeem our native land
We’ll bury the bitter past
Build a just nation at last
at last, at last, at last…”

…in time

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One response to “Before there was ‘For Cup’ there was ‘Fork up de Land’ – RIP Franco

  1. Rest In Peace Lord Franco. When I think of the licks my mother would lay on me for sing .. Ah Go Fork Up The Land! I had no clue why, I just loved the song!

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