…when it hits you… #feelingthemusic

I’ve covered Jus Bus on this site before; don’t call this overkill but I’ve been listening and listening and listening to J. Nation, his debut CD (as an artiste; he already has extensive creds as a producer) since Saturday and (granted I was already primed given I’ve been stuck in an emotional sandpit of late; but with heartfelt lyrics, an interesting mix of musical choices, creative production, inspired collaborations, and a searching soul at its centre it had all the right ingredients anyway and…) I’ve been feeling the feels.

“Sometimes, I…Sometimes, I…Sometimes, I…feel alone…” (from Sometimes, I)

“Look at what we’ve done/the savages we’ve become/we laugh at each other’s pain/point fingers and blame” (from Savages)

“All this hard work/all this sacrifice/you don’t give a damn what lays beneath” (from Hard Work)

“…and the stress got me drained/I’m trying to live a life without going insane…and the strain seems everlasting…and this is why we’re blasting away” (from Blasting Away)

“…even though I’ve shed a few tears/I keep fighting…” (from Kings)

“Let it out/Let it out/Let it out…whatever’s bothering you…” (from SOS)

“shout and yell/tell them that you’ll take your freedom…” (from New Rebellion)

“I’m talking to you but you ain’t hearing me…” (from I don’t wanna talk to you )

“gonna keep on reaching higher/cause you know I’m breathing fire” (from Inferno)

-N.B. the next track is Say It Ain’t So…but every time I tried to pull lyrics, I couldn’t as I was too caught up in the experience of the song itself…unusual for someone who tends to hone in on lyrics…but the atmosphere of this particular song was kind of all consuming…that’s a good thing; a song should be an experience…but alas the upshot is that I have no reference/sample lyrics to share-

“I’m no clown/but this circus got me going round” (from Vertigo)

“There’s a girl who sits there on her own/takes everything for her to keep holding on/through the valley of her broken dreams/so it seems…give a little love/don’t be afraid/and just leave all your worries in yesterday/give a little love/don’t be ashamed/of the walls that surround you/just break away…” (from Give a little love)
“I must confessed/I’m feeling depressed…” (from Mental Battle)
“Are we connected/or disconnected/are we alive/or living a lie…” (from The Walking Dead)
“Lately, they’ve been trying to break me…I’m gonna keep on running/fighting for my spirit to fly” (from Without Fear)

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