Antigua and Barbuda: All that Glitters is not Gold

I was curious to see which book this blogger on a global reading challenge would pick from Antigua – you’ll remember that UK writer Ann Morgan chose Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy (a book I absolutely fell in love with when I finally read it a couple of years ago) for the Antigua leg of her reading challenge. This blogger chose All That Glitters by Antigua-based self-published author Marcel Marshall because she wanted to read a lesser known author who was actually based in Antigua. It was interesting to read more about the plot as I have to admit I never finished this book, and, related to that, I have to agree with the strong critique re editing (something that can’t be stressed enough; even when you have a good story, it has to be well told and well edited, and proofed, to hook and keep the reader). Read the blogger’s full review, a mixed review, because there were elements of the book liked or related to by the World Series blogger.

One of the things I’m enjoying about the way this blogger is approaching the challenge is the focus, as noted, on writers rooted in the country; and that he or she is actually taking the reader on a journey by giving some background, a quite comprehensive background, considering the space and the fact that the author doesn’t really know the country (so I’ll resist the urge to nitpick), on the chosen countries. This is in addition to the rationale for selecting the chosen book. I’ll be following.

Also, Wadadli Pen appreciates the shout out…and as the author of Oh Gad! I do too.

World Reading Series


This time we go to the Caribbean islands through the sun-soaked twin-island country of Antigua and Barbuda . Surrounded by coral reefs and shipwrecks, the country is a popular diving destination. Along with these, the many colourful beaches make it a popular tourist haunt, reminiscent of India’s Goa. The spectular beauty of the landscape combined with the air of carnival has made the place an art hub as well. All forms of art, like painting and music flourish here. Previously a part of the British empire, this is an English speaking country, along with native creole.antiguabarbuda_worldSource:

The literature scene also seems to be alive and thriving considering there is an Antigua and Barbuda Literary Festival held in the islands, although I don’t find any recent news about the same! Most works set in Antigua are either romances, predictably inspired by the breathtaking background or depicting the struggle…

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