Praise for A Sky the Color of Chaos

M.J. Fievre

“M.J. Fievre’s powerful memoir A Sky The Color of Chaos is a vivid, lyric account of the perils of growing up in Haiti. It brings the headlines to the heart and leaves an indelible mark on the mind.”

— Dan Wakefield, author of New York in the Fifties


“The imagery in A Sky the Color of Chaos is spellbinding. This uncompromisingly honest story will break even those hearts carved out of stone. Unfathomable violence and brazen impunity, shattered innocence and sensuality, determination and defiance, death and self-discovery glide gracefully across the pages in polished prose. The narrative is soul-searing, compelling, necessary, unforgettable, and commands complete attention. This chronicle of M. J. Fievre’s journey thus far reveals without apology or melodrama the artist behind the art.”

— Katia D. Ulysse, author of Drifting


“It is an unsparing, honest, and unsentimental evocation of a young woman’s struggle for independence amidst…

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