Dear You…Yes, You… Thank You!

Dear Wadadli Pen followers, supporters, stoppers-by…

Season’s Greetings and heart-felt gratitude for keeping up with us this year and all the years you’ve been coming here.

As you’ll see from this note, we are poised to enter the 2016 Challenge season and I have my fingers crossed that this coming year is the one we move beyond a labour of love to a bona fide non-profit with a team committed to keeping it going beyond my individual efforts and unwavering passion to do so.

I remain amazed that the challenge is still here 12 years on and that through this blog I’ve been able to build an online resource that has proven to be of value to demographics ranging from local educators and literary enthusiasts to international bloggers and researchers.

Already Wadadli Pen has moved beyond what I envisioned when I thought it up. And, as I’ve blogged parts of the journey, you know it hasn’t always been easy – it’s not easy while trying to work your own literary hustle to try to provide support to others; too often you feel like you’re failing at both but somehow you kick yourself in the ass and get up and try again…tomorrow.

I want to say that as far as Wadadli Pen is concerned this could not have been done without the support of those who’ve given money, gifts, and, perhaps most importantly, the gift of their time. Those who’ve provided the right words of encouragement at just the right time have also been invaluable to finding that will and energy to keep going. So, thank you, all.

I’m wishing you all the blessings you deserve in the new year.

If you still wish to support our journey in some way (donations to the upcoming challenge season, gifts, the gift of time, words of encouragement), please reach out to wadadlipen (at) and thank you in advance for your invaluable contribution to this project.

With gratitude,
For Wadadli Pen

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