UPDATE RE AGHS Two-peats at Schools Drama Festival

1936494_913926828684148_7594989818479931873_nUPDATE! Don’t forget – she still needs help – here’s the page where you can keep up with her progress and lend your support.

The year has begun on a tragic note for Shaveesa Gaspar, best actress in the Secondary Schools Drama Festival. I don’t know how much it’s appropriate to say about her situation but let’s just say she needs healing. Trending on social media right now is a call to send some positive energy into the universe for her with all the prayers we can send up and the hashtag ‪#‎forveesa‬.

Do what you can. Do good with each breath. Sadly this is only one of two stories I’ve heard this day involving children too young to be visited by so much pain but hopefully where there is life there is still room to hope that their spirits can overcome this.

Love and prayers to Shaveesa and everyone who needs it today.

Wadadli Pen

Did you get out to the Antigua and Barbuda Secondary Schools Drama Festival last week? No? From all accounts it’s your loss – and mine. Yep, I was a deadbeat as well though I did have the opportunity to preview the winning play during a dress rehearsal. I knew then that on originality alone it had snagged the prize because the play, written and directed by Zahra Airall, was every bit of that. Drawing on African-Caribbean folk characters like Mami Wata, Mama Glo, Djablesse, Douen, Soucouyant, and others and locating them all right here in a hidden dimension in the forests of Antigua, she sets up an interesting premise that becomes even more so when that bubble of reality is penetrated by a human woman and her baby. What happens to the baby when the woman gives birth in the forest? What becomes of the woman? What will these supernatural…

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