Wadadli Pen work-in-progress

There’s always a sliver of doubt, even now, 12 years in, whether anybody even wants this; and so it’s always with some relief and joy that I receive the first submission to the 2016 Wadadli Pen Challenge. At this point, I don’t know yet, if it’s a good season or a season as bad as the year we received only about 20 entries (most of them for the art prize). It’s still all just possibility at that point – like the moment after pulling the ribbon on a brightly wrapped package before the present inside is actually revealed. At that point it could be anything and so your heart is alight with expectation – no disappointment yet, no elation, no nothing except…wonderful possibility. So that’s what this time is like in the cycle of Wadadli Pen. That and the work of… well, tonight, in between work-work, I’m…

clearing the inbox and drafting replies – that’s wadadlipen@yahoo.com, the place you need to email if you’re looking to submit

double checking the ‘to do’ list that keeps me on track up to and beyond the February 17th 2016 submission deadline – inserting little reminders, x’ing out what’s already been done – it feels good when I can cross something off the list

continuing the direct mailing to schools – you never think about how many schools we have until you have to email all of them – knowing that most will probably still say they never heard about the Challenge

mailings as well to teachers and other education officials and youth workers, past workshop participants, past finalists etc etc etc – I’m a bit late on this but life got in the way – I’ve done some but I need to get the others out before the end of the month otherwise with a February 17th submission deadline, what’s the point?

Posting responses to FAQs – this is in addition to direct response to the asker, you know in case any one else has the same question

Posting updates/reminders to social media – not all social media – it would take a team for that – tonight’s a facebook night  (but please do share this on your social media: “The Wadadli pen competition gave me the opportunity to use my words and in so doing build my confidence.” – past finalist. Why will you write? What will you write? – Poetry? Fiction? Creative non-fiction? We look forward to reading. If in Antigua and Barbuda, submit to wadadlipen@yahoo.com by February 17th 2016. Go here for details: https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com/wadadli-pen-2016)

Sending reminders/notices to media – have to keep it trending – in case people missed it – which they will have

Crafting and sending detailed response to a prospective patron – fingers crossed – this would be one of those beyond Wadadli Pen 2014 (the year of our 10th anniversary) activities – why 2014? Because that’s when I started planning how to take things forward – sigh – and two years later I’m still at it

Other housekeeping activities – related to Wadadli Pen 2016 …and beyond

And now I’m here blogging

That’s the night’s work as far as Wadadli Pen is concerned.

Hope you’re working on your entries in the meantime. Can’t wait to read them. Remember you can check the 2016 tab for all the information you could ever need, including writing tips.


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