Dear Daughter

For young girls, every day in every way. Be you.

Death by Expectations

My daughter,

I was taught to Obey.

To follow and be told,

To be dictated to and to be led.

Never question,

Lest you be treated unkindly,

Never resist,

Lest you be left out in the cold.

My daughter,

I was taught to fear,

What THEY said,

What THEY thought,

What THEY had that I had not,

What THEY perceived in me to be valuable.

Lest I be an outcast,

Lest I be alone,

Lest I be unwanted.

My daughter,

I was taught to devalue me.

To think in terms of,

Usefulness to others,

Attractiveness to others,

The almighty opinion of THEY.

Who say, and who heard,

Those disembodied spirits of judgement,

Tasked by the devil,

To plant the seeds of self doubt and loathing.

My daughter,

I was taught,

That my happiness was a byproduct,

Of fulfilling all the things I had been taught to want,

Things that made my heart heavy,


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