re what was and is not

We lack continuity.

I worked continuity on a film – The Sweetest Mango (a movie on which I had the full-time job of associate producer as my side hustle, since I was also holding down another full-time job at the time). In retrospect, I see what madness that was, in great part due to the “smallest” of those jobs, continuity, which involved paying attention to every detail and making sure everything matched, moment to moment.

That meant pre-to-post and every day of production, paying attention to the details. Because, see, films are shot out of sequence; but when the scenes line up side by side on the big or small screen, viewers aren’t supposed to feel that disjointedness … unless it is intentional, as in an artistic choice. I can’t un-see continuity errors now, more than 15 years later.

What I learned from that is how important each moment is to creating a full experience.

This is an excerpt of a piece I did for the Crier on the local arts scene. Linking here because arts is what we do; plus Wadadli Pen gets a shout-out. Read the full article here

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