Wadadli Pen Fam on Burt Award Short List

The season of short lists continues. Already this week, I’ve posted the short (well, long) lists for Bocas and our own Wadadli Pen. And now comes the Burt Award short list which I had the privilege of being on in 2014 (the inaugural year of this prize for Caribbean teen/young adult fiction).

This year, six finalists were selected from among 60 submissions of published books and unpublished manuscripts.

The 2016 shortlisted titles are… Read on

hint: one of them is Carol Mitchell

carol mitchell

Carol Mitchell.

, who has been featured here on the blog as a writer (see this write-up re her Caribbean Adventure series), who as a past judge and past and present patron is part of the Wadadli Pen family, and having guest facilitated part of the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project family as well, part of the Cushion Club family as well come to think of it for supporting our effort at a reading challenge in 2015, and who with her CaribbeanReads imprint is publisher of my book Musical Youth and Round My Christmas Tree in which my story Breaking with Tradition is included. Big up to her and all the finalists…including a couple of returning finalists from last year when I served as judge. – JCH

p.s. think we can snag an exclusive Wadadli Pen interview when she wins?

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  1. Reblogged this on Wadadli Pen and commented:

    Updating to say congrats to the 2016 Burt Award winners: via the Bocas facebook page: the winner is Trinidadian-born, US Virgin Island resident Tamika Gibson. Her debut manuscript, De First Family, took the prestigious $10,000 CAD prize. Florenz Webbe Maxwell of Bermuda won the second prize of $7000 CAD for Girlcott, and Danielle Y.C. McClean of Trinidad and Tobago, now based in Tennessee, took home the $5000 CAD third prize for The Protector’s Pledge. Look for these books soon in the marketplace. Already in the marketplace (and in my hands) last year’s winners Children of the Spider by Imam Baksh, Gone to Drift by Diana McCaulay, and Lynn Joseph’s Dancing in the Rain…and from the year before that (the first year of the Burt Award) All over Again by A-dZiko Gegele, my own Musical Youth, and Colleen Smith-Dennis’ Inner City Girl. No denying that this prize has brought in to the marketplace books that otherwise would not have been there and expanded the market for those that already were. So, congrats to the people behind this prize as well.

    Final congrats to Olive Senior on taking the Bocas Festival’s main prize for her book The Pain Tree.

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