We have got to Change (lyrics)

Genre: Calypso
Origin: Antigua and Barbuda
Writer: Shelly Tobitt (?)*
Artiste: Short Shirt
You don’t say in which family
You would like to be born
But you can control your destiny
To stand still or go on
Growing up in the ghetto
With all them bad example
You’re inclined to follow
The wrong set ah people
With price increasing everyday
And very little to put on
You might think it’s the best way
To steal from your fellow man

In the ghetto I was born
In the ghetto life must go on
But poverty don’t mean crime and violence
We have got to change the environment
In the ghetto I grew up
Where hunger is part of life
But poverty don’t mean hating your fellow men
We’ve got to change these bad condition
We have got to change
For the benefit of our children

Growing up with insecurity
That makes you sigh and cry
Day after day it’s calamity
The problems multiply
Sometimes you feel like giving up
But somehow you keep hanging on
Trouble starts and never stop
All through the night good Lord until morn
And then you hear your granny say
You must have faith my son
Each night you go to bed you pray
Hoping for relief to come


Day by day
You struggle on
With elusive goals in view
Wondering just why you were born
To suffer the way you do
Paddling to keep your head above water
Holding on to your good name
Sometimes you wonder why bother
When life remains the same
And you know giving up will never
Solve the problems we face
And I wish every one will consider
To help and fight off disgrace (?)


*(?) means not 100 percent sure.

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