This Morning at the Library Part ll


Made my return trip to the Antigua Public Library Easter Camp this morning. Well, sort of. I was late and by the time I got there the kids were well in to a session on fast changing technology (nothing like a session featuring rotary phones, and those old beige pre-Windows, pre-internet, floppy disc compliant desktops with the black screen and the green type to make you feel ancient). I distracted myself (read: made myself useful) by reading through the booklets the children had prepared in response to the writing challenge thrown down on my first trip to the camp this season.

Library 2016 1 A moment from the first trip to the library. That’s Musical Youth, which I’m preparing to read and, on the chair, Diana McCaulay’s Gone to Drift and my own Dancing Nude in the Moonlight 10th Anniversary Edition and Other Writings (read Country Club Kids from that one).

I couldn’t help…

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