Antigua and Barbuda – My Paradise by Kya Matthew

Honourable Mention – 12 and younger age category – Wadadli Pen Challenge 2016

Note: *In keeping with the development goals of Wadadli Pen, all long listed entries are returned to the author with the judge’s note  – both positives and negatives – for revision. Congrats to Kya. As several of the entries from Christ the King High school explored this theme, we assume it was given as an assignment – we thank the teacher for going the extra mile and applaud the students who tried to break out of the confines of said theme.  Keep working on your craft; keep valuing your voice and your art. – JCH

Here now is Antigua and Barbuda – My Paradise by the Christ the King High School student:

I come from an amazing twin-island state in the Caribbean named Antigua and
Barbuda. Many refer to my country as ‘Wadadli or Waladli’ and the land of sea
and sun.

There are three hundred and sixty-five beaches in Antigua, one for every day of
the year and each one has its own unique appearance. But, the beach is just the
beginning. Our carnival is a celebration of music, dance, mas and a revelry of
activities (parties and other fetes). It is held annually from the end of July to the
first Tuesday in August. The most important day is that of the J’ouvert, in which
brass and steel bands perform for much of the island’s population. The most
common types of music in Antigua are soca, reggae, calypso and zouk.

Everyone who came to Antigua and experienced carnival or visited at least one
beach should be able to say “I will be visiting here again someday” To me, our
most popular beaches are Carlisle Bay, Crab hill Beach, Fort Bay and Long
Bay. Antigua has amazing views such as at Shirley’s Heights and, on extremely
clear days, Montserrat and Guadeloupe can be seen on the horizon.

Barbuda is truly a natural paradise. With its naturally pink sanded beaches, it is
an attraction to tourists from around the globe. The dense Barbudan bush hides
all kinds of wildlife not seen on other Caribbean islands, including deer and
wild boar, land turtles and guinea fowl. There are cattle, horses, and donkeys
often wandering about, and in the village. Sheep and goats return to their pens at
night. There are several salt ponds where it is possible to collect sea salt and see
a great variety of bird life, and in the fabulous Codrington Lagoon, a sight of
national importance, lives the most spectacular of all the birds – the
rare Magnificent Frigate Bird has a thriving colony of approximately 2000 birds
which is one of the largest in the world.

I am a proud Antiguan and Barbudan!

For earning honourable mention in her age category, Kya received:
A certificate sponsored by the Best of Books
& gifts contributed by Juneth Webson and Frank B. Armstrong.

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