Antigua Experience by Morgan Leah Simon

Honourable Mention – 12 and younger age category

Note: *In keeping with the development goals of Wadadli Pen, all long listed entries are returned to the author with the judge’s note  – both positives and negatives – for revision. Congrats to Morgan. As several of the entries from Christ the King High school explored this theme, we assume it was given as an assignment – we thank the teacher for going the extra mile and applaud the students who tried to break out of the confines of said theme.  Keep working on your craft; keep valuing your voice and your art. – JCH

Here now is Antigua Experience by the Christ the King High School student, who is also a pan player and panorama veteran, in addition to playing piano and violin, who aspire to a career in either music or medicine:

Get to know our Antiguan culture.
Feel the vibe of the steel pan.
Jam to our carnival beats.
Taste the flavor of our national dish Pepper pot & Fungi.

Out of the ashes of the Villa & Point area in Antigua, arose the oldest steel orchestra in the world.
The Hellsgate steel orchestra.
Now you can listen to the wonderful music that moves your feet and stirs your soul.

Come, take a trip to our sunny island during the summer months and enjoy our carnival festivities that always gets everyone in a good mood.
Observe the way our costumes that we wear are handcrafted so cleverly with all the hand sewn sequins and ribbons which put together to give a glorious ensemble .
We dance in these costumes all day and night on carnival Monday and Tuesday.
I can tell you for sure that nobody does carnival like we do.

I have told you about our steel pan music.
I have told you about our carnival, but you haven’t got a good taste of our culture if you have not tried our national dish pepper pot and fungi.
As Antiguans would say pepper pot and fungi
But e bang good fi true!
Just thinking about the fungi turning in the pot and the spinach being prepared for cooking has my mouth watering.
That just goes to show you how delicious it is.

Well… you know a little bit of our Antiguan culture,
I am sure you will come racing to Antigua to find out more about our culture.

For earning honourable mention in her age category, Morgan received:
A certificate sponsored by the Best of Books
& gifts contributed by Juneth Webson and Frank B. Armstrong.

Thanks to all partners and patrons for making the Wadadli Pen 2016 Challenge possible. Here at Wadadli Pen, we encourage you to support the businesses and individuals who support the arts.

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