Wadadli Pen 2016 Awards – Media Links

I have to admit I’m underwhelmed by media coverage of the outcome of this year’s Wadadli Pen Challenge. I mean, I get it; I worked in media for many years so I knew when I pushed to get the press release announcing the winners out ahead of the Monday news cycle after the Saturday awards, that chances were 25/25 that we’d be ignored all together or pushed to later in the news week – maybe Friday in terms of print media since that seems to be the day for our arts dump. That still left a 50 percent chance of some coverage, right? A standalone picture even. But a few weeks on I have to accept that no, that does not mean that. I’m disappointed for the patrons and especially for the kids. Me, I’m used to the arts (scratch that: the literary arts) being low priority.

So I want to say especial thanks to:

Antigua Chronicle for running the release announcing the winners

Antigua Nice for running this release I sent out announcing the resumption of the Cushion Club and giving mention to Wadadli Pen (Cushion Club as a patron and the Club’s plans to have the junior winners share their stories at a club session)

Antigua Chronicle ran that one as well

I haven’t found any other coverage (thank God for social media, right? as I’ve been able to share the information, anyway). But maybe my Google-fu is weak and there are links I’m missing. If you’re aware of any, please share. This is one instance in which I’d love to be wrong.


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