A & B Arts Round Up (May 22nd 2016 – )

June 27th- 28th, 2016 – Francoise Acting Studio Antigua Presents “Feature Film and Animation Movie Visual Effect Lecture” by Joseph Burnette. Also appearing and returning to Antigua is CEO and team for the “Ocktober Film Festival” and “Stuart Film Productions” from New York. Time and place: 6 p.m., National Public Library. Cost: EC$35 per day (students), EC$50 per day or EC$90 two day package (for adults) – these are for advance tickets; more at the door. Open to Actors, Filmmakers, Cinematographers, Graphic Designers and Artists, I.T Programmers, Producers, Marketing and Web Builders, Gamers, Students pursing Technical Drawing and Technical Design,Theater Arts and students who desire Animation and Visual Effects as a Career. Theme: “Impacting Culture. Influencing The Minds of the People. Hebrews 11”.



Hub Dot…have you heard about this? Here’s an introductory video:

And here’s a heads up that there’ll be a launch of Hub Dot Antigua Ville on June 16th 2016 at Papa’s by the Sea in Falmouth. That’s all I got.



Updated May 31st 2016 to add: from the AntiguaBarbuda Reparations Support Commission: “Some of you may have received an invitation through the Governor General’s Office to the first performance of this wonderful one-man Broadway production on Friday June 03rd – at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. Cost EC$100. There is a wine and cheese half-hour from 7.30…show time 8.00p

“We stage a second public performance on Saturday 04th (without wine and cheese) – EC$60 – mingle at 7.30p, show time 8.00p. TICKETS for this show available at SUPERPOWER, BEACHLIMERZ, GLORIA.s or members of ABRSC (Office in the Barrymore Complex, where the Nursing School was)”
See VIDEOS at  http://www.paulrobesononemanshow.com


June 4th 2016 – Local DJ Kenny Nibbs has announced a Prince tribute set to kick off at Runway 10 at 9 p.m. If you’re still mourning the loss of the musical legend and genius a fete with a back to back to back playlist of his hits should be good musical therapy. Wear purple or white…or if you’re me, wear whatever the hell you want, feel the music, and dance.


June 2nd 2016 – The Antigua and Barbuda Bar Association in association with the OECS Bar Association cordially extends an invitation to the Time Kendal Public Lecture Series- Reparations-Unnecessary? Or Justice for our Race? The Public Lecture will be presented by Bert Samuels, Esq., a pan Africanist, former Member of the Jamaica National Commission on Reparations, Attorney at Law and a frequent guest columnist to the Daily Gleaner, Jamaica’s leading newspaper.   This will be the first of an annual Public Lecture series, which we will be held in honor of Time H. Kendall QC, in memoriam who was an outstanding Antiguan jurist and well known to the wider region.
Date: Thursday the 2nd June, 2016
Venue: The Dean William Lake Centre (Cathedral Cultural Centre)
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Public Lecture Flyer



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