From the Mailbox: Dictionary of Caribbean and Latin American Biography

Like A River of Stories, this is another publication I was asked to contribute to a few years ago. In the case of River, they requested use of a specific poem that I had previously self-published in a thin (very thin) poetry collection called On Becoming. In the case of the Dictionary of Caribbean and Latin American Biography, I was asked to write about the late Dame, gender activist and Cooking Magic maven Gwendolyn Tonge. I think this may have been because I wrote in Caribbean Beat about the revival of the show, among the longest running in Caribbean television, with her daughter Erna Mae now running the kitchen (or did that come after?). Anyway, the book is out. So, just sharing.


“The six-volume Dictionary is a major biographical reference work covering the lives and legacies of notable Afro-descendants from the Caribbean and Latin America, men and women from all eras and walks of life.”


Over 2000 articles on people of African descent from the colonial era to the present and from all regions and countries of the Caribbean and Latin America

Articles cover major and obscure figures in the fields of the humanities, military, art and the performing arts, government and politics, law, literature, education, science, business, medicine, activism and religion

Articles feature many figures who have never appeared in an English language publication

Expert scholarship under the editorial leadership of Franklin W. Wright and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Here’s the flyer: DCALAB Flyer

I don’t know all the Antiguans and Barbudans included. Jamaica Kincaid is one based on the flyer; beyond that, I don’t know.

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