Believe (Lyrics)

I am prepping for a workshop and considered using this King Obstinate song (one of my favourites). So I transcribed it, but now I don’t think it fits. And I hate to see anything go to waste, so here it goes (hopefully it will continue to serve as a reminder to us of who we can be):

Believe by King Obstinate

Little by little we struggle on
Bit by bit we carve a way across
These many wasted years of wishful hopes and dreams
Struggling against our own purposeless fever
That envy and hatred and injustice created
But with courage and conviction
We can stand and build this nation
And shape our own destiny
People have faith

Believe we are going to make it and we will never fail
Believe in this land its future, its glory
Believe in yourself most of all as one people
Marching together in one effort and one unity
And we shall never walk with aimless feet
Oh No
Not if we believe

We can work miracles if we want
We’ve got the power holding in our hands
The power to unite, to decide, to create, to move on
Destroy every barrier that seems to divide us
Blast away every obstacle as fast as they confront us
Onward for the future, forward for Antigua
It’s time (?????)
Unless (?????)


Let us bury all the conflicts of the past
And make the future our priority task
Let us talk not with malice, envy, or greed
Neither with favour or fear
Face the realities, the problems, the challenge
Find common solutions to benefit the masses
Creating new avenues for progress, freedom, justice and good will
Come let us begin



More favourite King Obstinate songs can be found here.

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