Wet Yuh Han’ (lyrics)

Two woman cussing on Greenbay Hill – ah gone to work, come back they cussing still (repeat)
Crazy Ellen and Big Foot Maude – and oh me lard how dey cussin hard
So I climb up in a tamarind tree to observe the whole scenery

“well ah na me tell you fu kill yuh man…
Say you fry up he head in a frying pan”

“Well, ar yuh jus’ cuss so all the time man, every day and night,

ar yuh ha fu stop some time, yuh nuh
But ar you go church too nuh man”

I never see that man.

Them argue until night start to fall. Ms. Melvin run out and start to bawl.
“Me picknee wan’ fu go to bed, and ar you ah mek too much noise ah me head.”

Maude beg Ms. Melvin to go. “Ah melee love you love melee so. If you picknee nar sleep, don’t blame me. Boil up some ginger tee. You better go, go, go Ms. Melvin.”

“But Ms. Melvin tell you go out ah she yard, just go outa she yard nuh. You go get red mouth. No wonder you pupa dead from red mouth.”

Up came Ellen man with he good sauce pan in side he han’.
“Me sure you see a work me ah come from, an’ me hungry, me wan’ fu nyam.”

Ellen say, “you na ha no servant ya.”

De man rest down he food carrier. Man, he pelt a thump in Ellen mouth and he knock Maude false teeth out she mouth.

“Let me go” (crying)

“Ar you tap na man…He like fu bang woman so…ar yu go dead bad you na, somebody go bite out aryu yeye…”

Well a big fight break out at the stone heap and all the neighbours, they start to peep. So ah come down out of the tamarind tree to get closer to the activity.
Up came Lionel Reed. Ellen nose hole start to bleed.
They fight all night, they wouldn’t stop, ‘til they end up inside of Charles Lloyd shop.
“Ar you come out my place, man, nuh fight in ya. Me tell ar you man min’ you nar narsy up me sweet oil and subben, me red herring and subben, an’ narsy up me flour, ar you go way nuh.”

*transcribed from the recording; all errors/inaccuracies are mine. JCH.

You can listen to this song and other Obsti songs in this post. If you feel like transcribing any of them, send so that I can keep building that Antigua and Barbuda lyrical database.


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2 responses to “Wet Yuh Han’ (lyrics)

    • Me too! I’ve used it in story workshops several times now (especially when I’m trying to shake things up and break participants out of the idea that story is this lifeless thing on the page)…because if Obsti and this song does anything well, it’s pung story.

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