Antigua-Barbuda Independence

This is actually a From the Mailbox but it’s one appropriately timed to our Independence (November 1st 1981) of which we are observing the 35th anniversary.

Here’s the letter which will be followed by the newsletter – which includes a lot of history – games, houses, forts, and more.

Dear Members and Friends

Happy 35th Independence to you all, our newsletter will take you back on several journeys.

Do enjoy, and look out for the Museum’s exciting exhibit upgrade appeal in November.

We are also appealing for persons to assist us with a building wash. When you drive by the Museum at night, you will notice that 4 spotlights have been installed, compliments of the Festival Commission. Our building now urgently needs a wash. Please support us by donating. Total Cost $3,500.00. We have so far riased $1,000.00. Help donate!

Please email us to verify your membership status as we are upgrading our Membership list.

Many thanks for your support

Newsletter Committee

And now the newsletter: has-newsletter-3rd-qtr-2016a



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