Merry (Literary) Christmas

At this time, it seems appropriate to share the most beloved Christmas song from Antigua and Barbuda: King Obstinate’s How Will Santa Get Here?

A song which, by the way, is referenced in my story Breaking With Tradition which appears in Caribbean Reads’ Round My Christmas Tree:


“They reached the big department store at the top of Newgate Street, the one with Jesus, Joseph and Mary, Three Wise Men, the Star, Santa Claus, Rudolph, all the other reindeer, and about a million lights lighting up its rooftop. King Obstinate’s Ho! Ho! Ho! How will Santa get here? blared from hidden speakers. Brenda remembered she and Livvie dancing and singing along to the popular Calypso-Christmas tune, last Christmas and all the Christmases in her memory. Tonight, Livvie didn’t crack a smile, much less shake her waist.

Brenda missed her big sister.”

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