With Grace Now Available Online

The Antigua launch of my latest book, With Grace, took place over the holidays. with_grace-3d-standing

With family at the launch of With Grace.

With family at the launch of With Grace.

Some of you in other places have been asking when you’ll be able to purchase it – well, here you go. It’s now available online.

As a reminder, here’s the story synopsis:

Grace, of Grace s Peak, loves her home above the village, above the whole island. All her trees are lush and full of ripe fruits, except for the one at the far end of her land. She hates that tree. So when the smiling, barefoot girl from the village asks Grace if she can pick fruits to sell at the market, it is from that sad, bare tree that Grace generously allows her to pick. Little does Grace know that the young girl s kind, loving heart and her sweet special song will make the impossible happen, and change life at Grace’s Peak forever.


With Grace is a 48 page children’s picture book, a Caribbean fairytale “filled with magic, enchantment, and lots of heart”, about which, Alscess Lewis, who edits the Caribbean Writer literary journal wrote, “With Grace explores a Caribbean space richly woven with magic, mystery, and fantasy – an engaging fable not only for young readers but any reader poised for a new reading experience that twists and turns on a suggestion of allegory.”

Reader response has been very positive so far.

“A lovely children’s book – a real keeper.”

Now that it’s in the international marketplace, I look forward to more reader engagement and reviews, and critics’ perspectives as well. I hope this book makes your young ones as happy as writing it made me.

Remember you can get it online here and, if you want to see it in your local bookstore, encourage them to carry it. Here’s some information you can share:
And here’s a link (including publisher links for ordering by your local bookstores and libraries) of all my books: https://jhohadli.wordpress.com/books

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