THE GREAT BIG DUMZ by Devon Wuilliez

Devon W for posting

The author says: “I enjoy writing poetry in English class. I deeply appreciate my teacher, Mrs.DiCocco for helping me enjoy English. My poem, ‘The Great Big Dumz’ is about how the Caribbean was brought together by a Dumz tree… (it) shows just how united the Caribbean islands are and gives a youthful spin on how the Dumz tree spread around the Caribbean.”

Judges’ verdict: “This hits all the right points, Rhyme and Rhythm, Caribbean flavor. It is simple yet immersive…and catchy enough that you could get beyond the whiff of cliché and enjoy the sweet familiarity.”

In the 2017 Wadadli Pen Annual Writing Challenge, the judges ranked Devon’s poem 1st in the 13 to 17 age category and 2nd Overall.


There was once a search for a very special tree
A tree so tall, and as bold as could be
The tree had fruit that was ever so sweet
For no other tree could even compete
The children would search, all across the land
They would climb through bush and dig deep in the sand
The trunk was ever so strong and thick
The fruit so plump, and ready to pick
For years they searched, but nothing was found
Some even assumed it was dug out of the ground
It was said that this tree could only be seen
Somewhere way down deep in the Caribbean
For it’s only here that such beauty can grow
The soil is soft and there isn’t any snow
It was on one exceptional Saturday
When some of the children had just come out to play
They had noticed a crack in the side of a cave
A small leaf poked out and suddenly waves
They began to move away rocks and that’s when they found
The Great Big Dumz tree with fruit so round
It had been asleep in the cave for as long as they knew
At last they discovered the tree with its outstanding green hue
After enjoying some fruit they sat down to think
They thought of a plan brought them together with the tree as their link
They decided to share this magnificent tree
By planting a seed in every Caribbean country


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With thanks to our patrons, see this writer’s total prize haul below (and remember, support the businesses/individuals who support the arts):

Barbuda ferry tour voucher x2 (courtesy Barbuda Express)
EC$300 (contributed by Frank B. Armstrong)
EC$225 (contributed by the International Women’s Club of Antigua & Barbuda)
Painting (contributed by the artist Jennifer Meranto)
One on One Coaching session (courtesy author Joanne C. Hillhouse)
Books – Jeremiah, Devil of the Woods by Martina Altman, Twilight: Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, + Dragon’s Oath: A House of Night novella by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast  (contributed by the Best of Books)
Inspirational card (from a line created and contributed by Monique S. Simon’s Caribbean Folklore Project
Certificate x2 
(sponsored by the Best of Books)

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