Papillote Press author Lawrence Scott named Bookblast’s Author of the Week

Love this. Insights to the author and good advice for all of us working on being better writers…and better published writers at that. Sometimes wish I could disengage from the promotion grind (social media etc.) as it seems he has successfully (and very few writers can manage to in this day and age). Met Lawrence at the Association of Caribbean Writers a few years ago, he was gracious and mellow and deep and delightful (as he comes across in this interview).

Repeating Islands

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Lawrence Scott, whose novel Witchbroom has just been reissued by Papillote Press, is Bookblast’s Author of the Week. Well done. Bookblast has just published the interview below.

Where were you born, and where did you grow up?
I was born on Petit Morne Estate, a sugarcane estate in southern Trinidad which my father managed for the Usine Sainte Madeleine Sugar Company owned at one time by Tate & Lyle.  I went to primary school in the nearby town of San Fernando.  I went north into the mountains for my secondary school with the Benedictine monks of Mount Saint Benedict. Before leaving Trindad, I had been in a Junior Seminary from the age of 15. I left Trinidad at 19 to go to England to join the Benedictine Abbey at Prinknash in Gloucestershire.

What sorts of books were in your family home? Who were early formative influences?
My father read…

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