National Award Nominations – Call!

I’m glad that the call for Antigua and Barbuda National Award Nominations is being well ventilated, well early, as this process has not been as clear (to me, at least) in the past. This means that for those of us who think areas (arts, for instance) have been under-recognized, we’re in a position to do something about it.

Your nominee must be 50 years or older and this isn’t a bare minimum or years of service award, it’s about excellence and going beyond in your field over a sustained period of time. It’s about character and selflessness, matched with effort, achievement, and impact. Or that’s how I’m interpreting it.

See submission guidelines in this pdf  Call-for-2017-Nominations  (which will also be posted to the Opportunities and Opportunities Too page). Submission deadline is September 29th 2017.

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