Tourist Leggo

Sung by Mclean ‘Short Shirt’ Emanuel
Written by Shelly Tobitt

Jouvert Morning
Just as the band start parading
I in Scot’s Row jamming tight with a leggo
Pretty little yankee tourist at that
She say she come down from Halifax
And she never see carnival
So she come to join in the bacchanal
She want to go jump and play she mas
Just like an Antiguan
She want to go jump up
And join in a j’ouvert jam
Join in the greatest vehicle of expression
Jumping in the steelband
Dancing in the sun

She want to romp, she want to dance
She want to jump, she want to prance
She want a man
She want to jam
She blood run cold every time she hear a pan roll
Bi Dang Dang Bi Dang Bi Dang Bi Dang Dang
Bi Dang Dang Bi Dang Bi Dang Bi Dang Dang
She want to romp and shake she waist
She want to make mas in the place
She want to romance with a man
She want to wine wine wine wine
Roll roll roll roll
Jump jump jump jump
Romp romp romp romp

From the start you could see the girl love the art
We calypso and we steel band
Man, she really love the jam session
Quietly the girl said to me
Shorty, what a glorious symphony
The music seems to fill you with rage
And make you feel like you on a stage
Oh what an artistic excitement moment of history
A gala of beauty
Festival of dance, song, and spree
The melody, the harmony … (?)
Singing in she brain driving she insane


Mas for so
Look the pan man dem on the go
Everybody shouting with glee
Wining, shaking their body
The place well hot and the music sweet
Prancing feet igniting the street
And then she couldn’t take it no more
Suddenly the woman explode
With an ungraceful wobble just like if she was swimming
Jumping without timing
Singing with a strange harmony
Trouncing, chipping man like if she go fall down
Two bottle of white rum underneath she arm



For more Antiguan and Barbudan lyrics, see the Song Lyrics data base. All lyrics transcribed by Joanne C. Hillhouse. Please help in correcting any errors or share any lyrics you may have so that we can continue to build the data base. We do not own the rights to these works and no profit is being made; they are being shared exclusively for educational purposes.

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