From the Mailbox – Concerning Barbuda

I wanted to update and get this post back in to circulation because on follow up with Ben Rainey, who organized this literary fundraiser for Barbuda, I learned that they’ve had no submissions.


He’s not giving up on the project though as he believes (and we have to agree – remember this was a post hurricane Irma attempt to raise funds for and draw attention to issues related to Antigua’s sister island Barbuda, which was decimated by the category 5 storm) that this is still of value as an arts for relief initiative. He plans to extend the submission deadline. I’m going to send them something and I’m hoping any local – or other – writer reading this will too.

Wadadli Pen

Ben Rainey contacted me shortly after the passage of hurricane Irma and its decimation of Barbuda. He wanted to do something; a feeling all of us can relate to at this time – especially factoring how many of our neighbouring islands and countries have been hit between Irma and Maria (and the conflicting feelings of urgency and helplessness this can induce). As a related sidebar: remember this post linking ways you can help Barbuda and others affected this hurricane season (another sidebar: let us as Antiguans extend continued compassion to the people of Barbuda, empathy, and our ears and support re their future and the history and future of their land). Okay, sidebars over; back to Ben and the initiative he has taken to help our sibling island. After some back and forth with Ben, I decided to share it here because of its arts-driven nature (given that Wadadli Pen is and…

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