Letter from Loretta

“Most businesses are still closed. We haven’t been able to get drinking water for two weeks. Food is being rationed by the four open stores, where most shelves are emptying. People are joking that we should have the narco-traffickers of drugs handle the distribution of gasoline and food. It has, of course, been a difficult hurricane season for our sister islands in the Caribbean. I have witnessed a strong solidarity among the writers, nonethyeless. #One Caribbean.” Excerpt from a handwritten letter sent by Puerto Rico based writer Loretta Collins Klobah to her publisher Peepal Tree press and shared by them on their website. To read the full letter, go here.

And please remember that hurricane relief still needs you.

And for Antiguans and Barbudans, you have your own invitation to write about the experience of the storm, Barbuda, or related topics creatively. Here’s a reminder re that project.

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