MAILBOX – National Pavilion of Antigua and Barbuda at the Venice Biennale

Life is funny and art too…because little as Frank Walter’s art is known at home, I’ve come across several instances of him being posthumously feted abroad. The most recent occasion is an email to my inbox from Paolo Meneghetti, an Italian critic of contemporary aesthetics and a curator of contemporary art exhibitions. I learned through this correspondence that Walter’s work was shown at the Venice Biennale between May and November 2017.

Meneghetti wrote about this, reporting that Walter’s art made up the entire Antigua and Barbuda portion of the exhibition.

Wadadli Pen is all about sharing our arts, so if visual arts is your thing, be sure to check out Meneghetti’s review of Walter’s art as presented at the Bienniale – written in his original Italian, but just use the translate button to read.












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