And the Winner is…

No, you didn’t sleep and miss another season of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize Challenge, but you did miss your opportunity to win a copy of my new book Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure (a children’s picture book).

The winner had to play to win by responding to trivia questions launched during Independence season and spotlighting local artists. You may remember that this was triggered in part by discussions about the arts (in which I participated) during the Antigua and Barbuda Independence season.

The winner got all but two of the questions correct. She is FAYOLA JARDINE (who is also a 2017 Wadadli Pen Challenge finalist). Peep her answers (and the correct answers) below.

This person won the Dan David prize for Jewish writers
Fayola’s Answer: Jamaica Kincaid
Correct Answer: Jamaica Kincaid
Jamaica Kincaid (born Elaine Cynthia Potter Richardson) is a convert to Judaism. The Ovals, Antigua born, US based author of many books, including Annie John and Lucy, won the Dan David Prize in 2017

This person is the founder of Moondancer Books
Fayola’s Answer: Floree Williams
Correct Answer: Floree Williams
Floree Williams Whyte already had two books – Pink Teacups and Blue Dresses and Through a Window – to her credit when she launched the independent press Moondancer Books to publish her children’s book The Wonderful World of Yohan in 2017.
Yohan book

This person wrote ‘An Interview with hurricane Luis’
Fayola’s Answer: Joy Lawrence
Correct Answer: Joy Lawrence
The 1995 hurricane unleashed Joy Lawrence‘s poetic voice though in the years since she’s become known as a folk historian thanks to books like The Way We Talk and Other Antiguan Folkways, and several village histories.

This person participated in the Pan Am Games
Fayola’s Answer: Edison Liburd
Correct Answer: Heather Doram
Heather Doram is a celebrated Antiguan and Barbudan artist, Carnival costume designer, and former Culture Director. Her piece, Rootedness, was one of several from around the world featured at the Textile Museum of Canada as a partner project to the 2015 Pan Am Games.
Heather's image

This person runs an art camp for kids
Fayola’s Answer: Heather Doram
Correct Answer: Edison Liburd
In 2011, Edison Liburd, another talented Antiguan and Barbudan visual artist actually offered a scholarship to one of Wadadli Pen’s art challenge winners to participate in one of his summer camps.

This person has degrees in physics and chemistry
Fayola’s Answer: Dorbrene O’Marde
Correct Answer: Dorbrene O’Marde
Dorbrene O’Marde Dorbrene O'Mardeis best known as a playwright, calypso writer, author (including the biography of the Monarch King Short Shirt) and cultural activist, but has degrees in physics and chemistry from the University of the West Indies.

This person is a UNESCO award winner
Fayola’s Answer: Sylvanus Barnes
Correct Answer: Sylvanus Barnes
Barnes, a beloved local poet, is one of several writers to receive an honour award for contribution to literacy and the literary arts from the local UNESCO body in 2004

This person had a sister named Ethlyn
Fayola’s Answer: King Obstinate
Correct Answer: King Obstinate
King Obstinate’s heartfelt calypso Who Kill Me Sister, queries in direct address to the then police commissioner, the (alleged) murder of his sister, Ethlyn.

This person is a 2007 Hurston Wright award nominee
Fayola’s Answer: Marie Elena John
Correct Answer: Marie Elena John
Marie Elena John’s debut novel Unburnable was nominated for the 2007 Hurston Wright Award (a prestigious US award for writers of African descent) for best first book.

This person wrote How the Starfish got to the Sea
Fayola’s Answer: Althea Prince
Correct Answer: Althea Prince
This children’s book was written by a then Althea Trotman in 1993. Her other books (as Althea Prince) include How the East Pond got its Flowers and Ladies of the Night.
how the starfish

I’ll be contacting Fayola to collect her prize (and look forward to her posting her reader review on Amazon, Goodreads, or even here on WordPress); in the meantime why don’t you get to know these Antiguan and Barbudan artists and support all our work as much as you can. Bless.

As with all content on, except otherwise noted, this is written by Joanne C. Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Musical Youth, With Grace, Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, and Oh Gad! ). All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Reblogged this on Wadadli Pen and commented:

    I can confirm (no photo though) that Fayola has collected her prize – a copy of Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure. It seemed like a good opportunity to remind you of the trivia responses – an opportunity to learn a little something-something about Antiguan and Barbudan cultural arts. Thanks for playing, Fayola.

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