Tips to Help You Concentrate While Writing — A Writer’s Path

“There are two kinds of writers: those who depend on background noise to concentrate, and those who will shave off your eyebrows while you’re sleeping if you so much as sneeze in their presence mid-creative burst.”

I was talking to another writer about this just the other day. She finds music distracting. I can’t concentrate without it (or without some kind of noise)… but it depends on the noise…the noise can’t be spiking or jumping all over the place; that’s distracting. The ringing phone, people trying to talk to me…that’s distracting. Music. Well, as the saying goes, when it hits you you feel no pain.

by Meg Dowell Are you an easily distracted writer? I could make this post very short and sweet and tell you to get off the internet and just write already, but that doesn’t always solve your problem. I’ve greatly improved my ability to concentrate over the past few months, which has made me […]

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