Vote for your Favourite Antiguan and Barbudan Book of the Year

I want to thank the four + me (total: 5) people who voted for their favourite Antiguan and Barbudan release of 2017. This is five short of the minimum 10 votes required for a winner to be selected. I’m disappointed but que sera sera. I really thought this would be a fun exercise and an opportunity to boost a local author, local book when it got going. But it never got going despite being heavily shared by me and others and also promoted in the local media. Someone suggested to me that the reason is people have not had a chance to read the books – and indeed a couple others have made that comment. So, perhaps it was ill-conceived. I do find it hard to believe that 10 people haven’t read at least one of the books on this list – authors could vote, as could authors’ family and friends, in addition to readers/fans. I do want to thank the Best of Books for contacting me to contribute a prize of a book donation to the school library of the winning author. Alas, that is shelved as no winner will be declared. Perhaps we can have them re-purpose the donation to the Wadadli Pen 2018 prize package. Wadadli Pen 2018 FlyerThanks for reading, do check out the books (after the jump) and support the authors.

Wadadli Pen

UPDATE! (December 20th 2017) Best of Books bookstore has decided to sweeten the pot (as if being the readers’ choice for best Antiguan and Barbudan book weren’t sweet enough). We welcome the extra honey.  So, as posted to their facebook page: “BEST OF BOOKS will provide the winning author with a collection of books to be presented by the author to a school of their choice. In addition all authors receiving over twenty votes will receive a small pile of reference books to be presented by them, in their name, to the secondary school of their choice. Share this with all your fans and encourage them to vote.” Awesome right? Thanks, Best of Books! So the winning author is amplified and a school or two benefits (the only thing that could make this better is if another entity would follow suit and maybe step up with a cash prize for the…

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January 16, 2018 · 4:07 am

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