Cry for Change by Short Shirt

Disclaimer: We don’t own this. We’re not profiting from it. This is a lyric share, part of an ongoing part of our project to document Antiguan and Barbudan literary arts for educational purposes as we have with the bibliography of publications by Antiguans and Barbudans, the song writers and playwriting projects, and our still wan lyrics data base. These are mostly transcribed by ear; where there are question marks, there are gaps. Please help us to correct any errors and complete these records, and appreciate in the intended spirit the work that has gone in to the research, preparation, writing, and sharing of all content on this site. Props to our artists who continue to produce outstanding works. – JCH

Seems like we going backwards
Things really going from bad to worse
And it is we the people who really getting the part that hurts
That is the scene we are manipulating continuously in this country
Looking around at living condition
Cause me to wonder
If we were merely designed and put here to suffer
Political pressure and economical failure
Great numbers are restless
Many bitterly
Some have no work, brother, and some are hungry
Some of us are hanging on by the very skin of we teeth
Is we to be blamed for it

We need a change of heart
Yes a change of mind
We need to change the system
While we have the time
But we can’t go back to the old time mockery
And we can’t condone the present treachery
Oh no our economy’s failing
This country going to ruin
We hate one another
Won’t cling together why
Too much sticky fingers in high places… (?)
I am not an economist I know
But I find that we can’t continue like this
Brother if we don’t end this whole charade
We can’t last a next decade

Looking beyond tomorrow into a future that’s very grim
I can see signs of sorrow if we continue squandering
Our resources
Though not many, if harnessed and built and developed
They could prove true
Tired watch all them insurance companies
Taking we money and investing every cent of it in some foreign country
while this country suffers industrial stagnation
We need adequate housing
We need industries
You wasting money searching for investors for this country
Go make them banks and insurance companies start invest we money
Right back here in this country


Behind all the glare and glitter
Behind all the promise and prophecies
And all our main objectives
We still have to face the realities
Seems like we fail
All our youths them are making a steady exodus from society
Many find work hard and unrewarding
And who can blame them
With government union and employers now all combined
And it aint’ the first time
Brothers, they go rob we blind
Allowing foreign business to still exploit this country
Sidestepping our local chance to help the economy
Dealing in dirt
Forgetting the masses, their hands in inequity
We getting poorer they out on a spree


Is it too late I wonder
Now have we really gone too far
Will we awake, I wonder
To see just what we are heading for
The stage is set
Unemployment, division, starvation, frustration
Yes, my friend
If we must survive the combination
We must be vigil…????…
active leaders, not political invalids
The coal man is still alive here in this country
Some find they can make a fortune
Just by fooling we
If we continue along these lines
We might end up like Bangladesh
All because of selfishness

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