Good Tips for Parents of Young Children re Building Language Skills and More

Listed tips for building language skills pulled out below but read the whole post, also re what it says about reading aloud with children on subjects that hold their interest, I’m sure you can find something on this list of children’s books from and/or set in Antigua and Barbuda.


  • Talk with children while doing activities together to help them learn new words and ideas.
  • Give them practice in following simple directions. They learn to listen and remember what they hear.
  • Read with children daily. Read books, magazines, cereal boxes, or signs. Talk about print.
  • Let them tell you what happened in a story or television program.
  • Give children the chances to colour, cut and paint. These activities prepare them for writing, drawing and using computers.

As a parent, you are your child’s most important teacher. In fact, you have been preparing your child for school from the day that they were born. Everything you have done so far provided the foundation for your child to grow and learn throughout their lives! As a speech language pathologist, I understand the value […]

via Ready for School? Language and literacy can help — ACCESS Inclusion Newsletter

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