The dopest part of this for me is having video of a sing-a-long of the song from With Grace. “Come now/gi me likkle, gi me likkle…” Great for bedtime reading and singing with your own kids. Check out the post, check out the books by me and other Antiguan and Barbudan writers.


Tonight just as the reading event, Celebrating Ourselves (or, as I’m calling it, the barefoot readings because literally we were barefoot on the wooden floor which is often used for yoga) at the Shed (at Sugar Ridge, Antigua), an intimate open venue with views of both the sea and the hills, ended fireworks exploded across the night sky. It was as if we’d ordered it. Which of course we hadn’t. Good timing though.

Sugar Ridge 1.jpg

Earlier, the venue had provided a bird’s eye view of the sun as it did its slow slide down to the horizon – we didn’t actually see it hit the horizon nor catch sight of the elusive, mirage-y green flash due to cloud cover, but the haze was part of the show. Just beautiful. So beautiful we couldn’t help remarking as we mingled pre-reading on more deeply and frequently appreciating living where the world vacations.

This was the event

33403333_10155321700632633_3227424024636162048_n I…

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