Nonna’s Corner Likes Lost!

Lost Cover Front 4

“Lost: A Caribbean Sea Adventure by Joanne C. Hillhouse is a children’s book read by Carol Mitchell. The audio is around fourteen minutes long and meant to be listened along with the novel. You can hear the pages turning making it perfect for little ones to follow along.

Dolphin an Arctic seal finds himself in the Caribbean sea. Disoriented he will have to rely on his new Caribbean friends before humans show up to  rescue him. This was a charming, honest narrative about friendship and adventure. The writer touches on ocean pollution as well which I appreciated. It opens the door for discussions on preserving our earth and wildlife.

Carol Mitchell was entertaining to listen to from her Island accent to voices for the various sea creatures. I think the book, combined with the audio would be perfect for a classroom either to be read as a group or with headphones.” Full review here

Read reviews from Kirkus, Feathered Quill, and more, here.


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