Reflection on In the Trees Writers’ Retreat, Belize by Ivory Kelly

Blue CabinThey were not exaggerating when they said that the Writers’ Retreat at Ixcanan Farm in western Belize would be “in the trees.” The three-day event near Benque Viejo Town from July 6-9 (2018) was a wonderful experience. The small community of writers gelled surprisingly well, considering the diverse projects being worked on—memoirs, poetry collections, PhD dissertation, literary analysis. Lots of alone time to write; great food; great conversations during meals and critique sessions; and serene writing spaces, both indoors and outdoors. My favorites, the shady veranda of my cabin and the tree house. Many thanks to the organizers, Cubola Publishing of Benque Viejo and the Wildfire Artzmosphere Gallery of San Ignacio, and to the facilitator Riti Sachdeva of New York City ( Looking forward to doing this again next summer and many more summers to come! Hailing all writers in Belize, other parts of the Caribbean and beyond (one of the participant this year was a Japanese living in NY).
cabinsFarm entrancePalapa 1Palapa 2Palapa 3Palapa 4TobyTree House
P.S: Did I mention that each morning we had breakfast straight off the fire hearth stove?
Fire hearth


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