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Voting in the #readAntiguaBarbuda #voteAntiguaBarbuda Readers Choice Antigua and Barbuda initiative wraps on March 31st 2019. The winning author wins boasting rights and hopefully a bit more recognition, a bit more of the spotlight. Plus a contribution in the author’s name will be made by Wadadli Pen to an Antiguan and Barbudan school of the author’s choosing or the author’s alma mater. The prize is EC$600 worth of books (specifically age-appropriate Antiguan-Barbudan and Caribbean books) thanks to contributions of EC$500 and EC$100 from regular Wadadli Pen Challenge patrons who have requested anonymity; and a copy of Roget’s Thesaurus English Words and Phrases contributed by another regular patron Jane Seagull. If anyone reading this wishes to add to this school gift, please contact us at wadadlipen@gmail.com This will be instead of Wadadli Pen Challenge prizes as the Challenge is on hiatus.

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Antigua and Barbuda doesn’t have a national book award – until recently we arguably didn’t have enough books to warrant it. But there are roughly 45 books in contention for this first readers’ choice prize – which is a testament to the growth of writing and publishing activity since Wadadli Pen launched in 2004. While the Challenge, encouraging Antiguans and Barbudans to tell their stories has been our flagship project from the beginning, this initiative is consistent with our stated mission – then to now – to nurture and showcase the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda.

As voting prepares to wind down, please share; encourage your fans and fam and entire network to vote. Authors, you can vote too – just not for your book (spread the love). Vote only once. To vote, leave a comment below explaining why you recommend the book of your choice below this post or just leave the name of the book (but preferably say something about the book). 

Between now and the end of March, a vote tally will be added in red to this post – for transparency, and so that you can see how your book of choice is doing.

For more Antiguan and Barbudan books, visit our database 

mottleyA 2nd Anthology of Radical Thoughts & Empowering Perspectives by Marcus Mottley. 2017. In the second volume of Radical Thoughts & Empowering Perspectives, Dr. Marcus Mottley comments on some of the powerful forces and disturbing issues that are unfolding around us worldwide and particularly in his native Antigua and Barbuda. Over fifteen years ago he warned of the ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ who used Antigua as his base to ravish Antigua and other Caribbean Governments and tempt corruptible politicians. It turns out that Mottley’s insight has been proven true since this Pirate has been caught and ‘quartered’ by the US Justice system for stealing money from gullible investors! A 2nd Anthology of Radical Thoughts & Empowering Perspectives continues to stimulate thinking.

BrannThe ABCs of the Black Panther Party by S. Khalilah Brann (w/Chemay Morales-James and illustrator Uela May). Decolonizing Education Publishing. USA. 2017. Decolonizing Education Publishing™ aims to produce literary work that is deliberate in centering black and brown experiences, narratives, history, and cultural contributions. Decolonizing Education Publishing is a collaboration between the founders of Culturally Responsive Education of the African Diaspora (CREAD) – which supports teachers in ensuring positive racial identity development through education – and My Reflections Matters (MRM) – which provides the tools necessary to help combat institutional and internalized racism. The ABCs of the Black Panther Party, the first book from Decolonizing Education Publishing, introduces children 7 to 12 to the Black Panther Party. It supports the expansion of children’s oral and written language while awakening their social consciousness.

Roxy 3Be With You: A Valentine’s Romance by Roxy Wilson. 2017. Tameko ‘Meko’ Sampson has worked her butt off to make her detective agency a success. It means, however, that there are times her life is at risk, but she pushes on to ensure her clients are satisfied. Then in walks Seth Hollander, a man she barely noticed when they were in high school a decade ago. Seth has always been enamored by Meko, but she barely noticed him when they were teenagers and when tragedy struck, he had to move away. Now he’s back and this time, he wants Meko to be his…for keeps. As Meko and Seth get to know each other, they have to wrestle with Meko’s ex, as well as the soon-to-be ex-husband of one of her clients. And if that isn’t all, it seems as if Seth is secretly involved with another woman. Can Meko lay aside her distrust, or is Seth really a man who’s not worthy of her love? Will her Valentine’s Day be another lonely one like the ones before?

Bothism coverBothism by Tanya Evanson. Ekstasis Editions. Canada. 2017.
Bothism is an experimental Sufi text. It is both sorrow and joy, day and night, content and form, dot and circle, the threshold between worlds. It moves from unity to multiplicity and back again exploring that which can be split and reunited: a cell, a relationship, society, faith, time, words on the page. It posits that if one thing is true, then the opposite must also true, and when asked to choose, the poet’s answer is always both.

31964357_10155472100956188_9083169074359304192_n The Cleansing of the Souls by Romenita Barrett. Discovering Diversity Publishing. United Kingdom. 2017. A young boy who is very creative and continually asking questions in the hope that one day he would fulfil his dreaming of flying. Abe knew his Nan always answered his questions but what he did not know that day as they stood waiting at the streets lights was that the answer to his latest question would change the course of his life and impact every soul in the universe. A journey of discovery begins for Abe when he learns that his is no ordinary family and as the magic and mysteries are revealed to him he encounters a blackness he has never known.

DelilahDelilah the Donkey and the Missing Tooth by Anne Harewood George (w/illustrator Izzy Bean). Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2017. Delilah the Donkey is excited for picture day at Animal Academy but disaster strikes when her tooth falls out. What will she do? Can anybody help her?

DreamlandDreamland Barbuda A Study of the History and Development of Communal Land Ownership on the Island by Asha Frank. 2018. In 2017, Barbuda was destroyed by hurricane Irma. This is a historical account of Barbuda’s struggle to maintain a historical and sustainable common land system which has existed from pre-Emancipation to present day.

GemmaExplore Antigua and Barbuda by Gemma Handy w/ Irene Danic and illustrator Manuel Morgado. Island Books Ltd. China. 2017. Explore Antigua & Barbuda is a fully illustrated, family-friendly guide with a companion colouring book.

518MJHfgMAL__SY346_F.A.K.E.! by Vivian Luke. 2018. F.A.K.E.! traces the lives of four professional African American women who have it all until life altering circumstances crash into their lives and they realize their lives are not perfect — they are FAKE! The quartet of “forty something” super moms are connected by their decades long friendship and their lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. To the outside, these women are well connected, busy and beautiful, but secretly each of them knows their lives are inauthentic and shallow – simply put, FAKE! Each of these women discovers her marriage and/or health (and, possibly all they’ve worked so hard for) is on the brink of destruction and must make life-changing decisions. It is their deep rooted, life long friendships that get them through some of the toughest periods in each of their lives.

WalterFrank Walter: the Last Universal Man by Frank Walter (w/Barbara Paca). Radius Books. 2017. Coinciding with Antigua and Barbuda’s inaugural National Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2017, The Last Universal Man is the first comprehensive monograph of Frank Walter; a writer, composer, sculptor, and painter. Barbara Paca, an art historian who also serves as Cultural Envoy to Antigua and Barbuda, interviewed Walter over a seven-year period prior to his death, and provides insight and perspective into both the artist as a man and his prodigious body of work.

friend indeedA Friend Indeed by Kimolisa Mings. 2017. A Friend Indeed – A ocean away from the only life she knows, Jade Johansen can’t seem to find her place in her husband’s home city of Aarhus, Denmark that is until she befriends a man from her husband’s past. As the friendship blossoms so does her guilt for not telling her husband about the other man in her life. A man whose intentions are far from noble and may lead to the end of Jade’s marriage. Will Jade’s husband forgive her for not telling him about the other man? And when he finds out that she’s pregnant, will he take Jade’s word that the baby is his?

RoxyFriends to Forever: A BWWM Friends to Lovers Romance by Roxy Wilson. 2018. Sadie Lawrence is a professional wedding planner who excels at making a couple’s big day perfect. Now, her best friend Hunter is getting married, and Sadie’s feelings are more than a little conflicted. She wants him to be happy … but the truth is, she wants him. Period. No matter how hard she tries not to. Hunter Galloway is battling constant temptation. The more time he spends with Sadie, the more he hungers for her touch. And the fact that his fiancée can’t be bothered to help plan her own wedding makes him wonder why they’re getting married at all. After the two succumb to their feelings and spend a passionate night together, everything starts to go wrong. Hunter feels trapped into going through with the wedding … and Sadie learns that Hunter has given her more than memories.

IyaFu You Tongue Heavy Lakka 56 by Iyaba Ibo Mandingo. USA. 2018. Fu You Tongue Heavy Lakka 56 is a look back at the body of work by Iyaba Ibo Mandingo. It includes his early work, the works written after his 9/11 arrest and detainment by homeland security and the latest work following his return to Afrika. “Fu You Tongue Heavy Lakka 56” is Antiguan patois. It is a favorite saying of Iyaba Ibo Mandingo’s Great Grandmother, “Rozzy” Guy. It means you have a lot to say. As the grandchild of former enslaved Africans she remembers the elders talking about the heavy plows they used during slavery and the days of shooting hard labor (sharecropping) that followed. The size of each plow was designated by a number stamped on the handle. 56 was the number of the heaviest of them all. It was a perfect way to honor his Eguns (ancestors) and the perfect title for a collection of poetry.

giftThe Gift (Falling Like A Johnson Book 1) by Rilzy Adams. Amazon Digital Services. 2017.The Gift – When Maya’s best friend, Charlotte, asks her to be her surrogate, she reluctantly agrees. Although pregnancy and motherhood were things Maya didn’t plan to deal with for years, she was willing to sacrifice nine months of her time for her best friend’s happiness. Her world is turned inside out when Charlotte is murdered just as Maya gets confirmation of the IVF’s success. Now, Maya must raise the child she never intended to keep and preserve peace with Charlotte’s widower, Jaxon. Soon Maya finds that pregnancy and impending motherhood are the least of her worries. She must fight against the tenderness she’s begun to feel for her best friend’s husband and she must atone for the sin she desperately tries to keep hidden. Maya Jenkins killed her best friend.

40236449_1024641034371150_8222943835718680576_nGillie’s World by Gillian McDonald Howie. 2018. Stories based on childhood memories, plucked from diaries throughout the years.

38825245_245734709598496_214725537048821760_nGod’s Sovereignty Over Our Lives by Aloma Mason-Stanislaus. The individual must come to the place where they acknowledge their wickedness and desire to turn their lives around. Without that realization, prayer and fasting is done in vain. When we start listening and obeying, we will experience the abundance of life that God has in store for us.

RoxyGreer’s Alphas: A Paranormal Menage by Roxy Wilson. 2017.  Greer’s Alphas: The unthinkable takes place when she’s leaving a long, grueling shift at the hospital—just after she has lost a young patient…Dr. Greer McAdams is attacked by a beast, a wolf. And now an evil force is hot on her trail, seeking to destroy her. Falling for Dr. Bryce ‘McDirty’ Trevino seems inevitable, but the enigmatic billionaire, Conan Stormwater, has set his sights on her. Two men, two different personalities, what can this newly formed werewolf do?

untitledHidden Secrets of St. Croix by Clarice C. Clarke. 2017. Hidden Secrets of St. Croix juxtaposes images of St. Croix’s history and natural life with the author’s commentary.

HolHol de Line and Other Stories by Mary Geo Quinn. Caribbean Education Publishers. Trinidad and Tobago. 2017. Hol de Line and Other Stories details the non-fictitious accounts of events from as far back as the 1940s.

maileHow to Work Six Jobs on an Island an Island Boy’s Dream by Shawn N. Maile. 2017. An inside look at how an island boy went from having 0 jobs to 6. If you live on an island and you’re only working one job… you my friend are missing out. With 24 hours in a day and a short distance to commute between locations, an island is the ideal place to engage in multiple vocations. Find out how you could do more with your day or how others got it done.

kimI Do…NOT by Kimolisa Mings. 2017. I Do…NOT: Attorney at Law, Alexa Marsh, has everything going for her. A successful career. A great social life. And the perfect man. But all that glitters is not gold, or in her case, platinum. After returning the ring, bringing the short lived engagement to an end, Alexa embarks on the single life. But this, too, is short lived. Instead of meeting one Mr. Right-Now, she meets two. Alexa tells herself that she’s just dating, but the more she spends time with the men, the more they seem to be Mr. Rights. But which Mr. Right should she choose? The self-made millionaire with the heart of gold? Tall, dark and handsome who caters to Alexa’s needs? If she doesn’t choose, the choice may be taken away and the results may change her life forever.

ShoeIf the Shoe Fits by Kimolisa Mings. 2017. If the Shoe Fits – It’s The Perfect Frame Job, The Only Problem Is She Is The one Being Framed.  Waking up in the midst of a gruesome crime scene, Cindy Ellington can’t remember the night before. She narrowly escapes it and is now on the run. Stumbling onto the city’s biggest murder case, Detective Sam Masterson discovers two bodies. But one is very much alive and now is the chief suspect in the death of a city official. But is she the killer? The more Sam investigates, the more he doubts that Cindy commited the heinous crime, even though all the evidence points to her, chiefly the murder weapon, a red stiletto. With the law on her trail, Cindy seeks the truth only to discover that it is closer to home than she thinks.

42641653_10155580427792633_8062224016313679872_nInto the Black Widow’s Web by K. N. Mings. 2018. Into the Black Widow’s Web – Audra Kellman is found dead in a place that is said to be where demons cross over to the human world. Now Three People Want To Find The Killer. The head of an underground narcotic distribution ring. The CEO of an influential group of companies. And a reluctant private investigator who is more interested in finding out the true identity of the person who hired him than finding out who killed the innocent woman execution style. As D’Angelo Marshall, a private investigator who walks on the razor edge of the law, investigates the case he finds himself caught up in a web of secrets. And the case takes him in a new direction that would change his life forever.

OneJust One More Time (Falling Like a Johnson Book 3) by Rilzy Adams. 2018. When Orlando Johnson walked out on Katrina Bolton nearly a decade ago, he swore to anyone who would listen that he would never regret it. Now fate has tossed them back together in the form of a little boy who needs their love and protection and Orlando realizes leaving Kat was the worst mistake of his life. Orlando is determined to get her back, but can he convince her to let them try their hand at love just one more time?

writeJust Write Antigua Journal by Brenda Lee Browne. 2017. Browne designed the Just Write Antigua Journal as a space to write and be inspired by pictures taken as she walked and drove around Antigua. There is also a second smaller (but not less rich) edition of this visual journal of Antigua and Barbuda.

elloyLearning Bible-verses: the Vow, the Wow, the Now by W. Elloy D. de Freitas. 2018. This book is the sharing of Elloy’s testimony from a transaction (vow), to a revelation, to a new comprehension of reality, and for traction and action. Learning Bible-verses is one of several paths to GOD. Learning Bible-verses encourages making the Bible a delight with its associated benefits of holistic happiness, prosperity, success, and shalom.

legend4Legend of Integrity and Courage by Nuffield J. Burnette. 2017. Chapter 1 – The Beginning; Chapter 2 – Hurricane David; Chapter 3 – Arrival in Antigua; Chapter 4 – The World at Work; Chapter 5 – IHI Investigation; Chapter 6 – Change of Government; Chapter 7 – Multiple Homicide in Antigua; Chapter 8 – Family Life; Chapter 9 – Senior Command Course 2009; Chapter 10 – Prince of the City Explores; Chapter 11 – Regional Recognition Awards; Chapter 12 – When Logic Defy Intellect; Chapter 13 – Through the Lens; Chapter 14 – Deterrent Verses Punishment.

Life as Josephine by Claytine Nisbett. 2017. Life As Josephine takes place in the 1990s, chronicling the formative years of a strong-willed Bronx, New York teenager, Josephine Peters.life as Jose

Lovers Rock2London Rocks by Brenda Lee Browne. Hansib. UK. 2017. This is the story of Dante Brookes, a young man growing up in London in the late seventies and early eighties when sound systems ruled the party scene for young, Black British youth of Caribbean heritage. He navigates the loss of friends, police harassment and being a teenage father while forging a career as an MC. Dante stumbles into the acting profession and also becomes a writer. It is through these disparate experiences that he learns that the pen and mic at mightier than the sword.

Lost Cover Front 4Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure by Joanne C. Hillhouse [w/illustrator Danielle Boodoo-Fortune]. Caribbean Reads Publishing. St. Kitts-Nevis/USA. 2017. LOST! A Caribbean Sea Adventure – When an Arctic seal named Dolphin finds himself far from home in the warm Caribbean sea, he has to rely on new friends for help. Will he make his way back to his Arctic home? This book, an update of 2013’s Fish Outta Water (illustrated by Zavian Archibald), includes a short story, all new illustrations by Danielle Boodoo Fortune, and a puzzle. Lost! is available in print, ebook, and audio format; there is also a Spanish language edition (¡Perdida! Una Aventura en El Mar Caribe). lost spanish cover 2

meant to beMeant to Be: A BWWM Friends to Lovers Romance (Loving A Morrison Book 1) by Roxy Wilson. 2018. Sloane Stevenson has always had a skewed concept of what love is. But now, Sloane, an intelligent attorney with a heart brimming with compassion, finds herself repeating history when she falls in love with Blake Morrison, a Caucasian man, with his smoldering gaze, who makes her dreams take flight. Although Sloane’s heart yearns for him, their relationship is bombarded with verbal attacks, and her past experiences only serve to reinforce her idea that interracial marriages never work. His brother’s bachelor party is the wake-up call he needs to return to town to chase down his lost love. Unbeknownst to Sloane, her best friend works alongside Blake to finally get the pair back together. But the obstacles and societal demands haven’t changed in the past five years. Sloane must overcome her distorted beliefs about love and need to play love safe if she’s to find true love and happiness with Blake. Otherwise, they’re both destined for a life of emptiness. Note for readers: MEANT TO BE was previously published as The Right Kind of Love. This new edition has been revised.

51582lJTKoL__SY346_Milo’s First Winter (Milo’s Adventures) by Juneth Webson (w/illustrator Ros Webb). Fig Tree Drive PressAmazon Digital Services. USA. 2018. Milo’s First Winter is a picture book for children between the ages of three and eight years of age. It tells the enchanted tale of Milo, a black and white kitten, that got out of the house while it was snowing. It was Milo’s first time seeing the snow and he was in such awe of the snowflakes that he kept trying to catch them. This chasing after snowflakes took Milo on an unforgettable adventure.

Roxy2My Guardian Vampire: a BBW Paranormal Romance by Roxy Wilson. 2017. My Guardian Vampire: On a night that should have been an ordinary one, curvy BBW Lacey Parker is accosted by a knife-wielding mugger, but is soon rescued by a charismatic stranger. Not even 24 hours later, Lacey’s life is once again at risk and her rescuer of the previous night snatches her from the jaws of death. Vampire Aric Thornton knew Lacey from the moment of her birth. His existence revolves around watching her every footstep and protecting her from the enemies she knows nothing about. He loves her with every fiber of his otherworldly being, but the crazy thing is she didn’t even know he existed… until one night in the darkened alley. Lacey can’t stand it; one minute Aric is all over her, can’t get his hands off of her, and the next he is giving her the cold shoulder. It doesn’t help that Damian is also vying for her affections. Can she and Aric defeat the forces that are conspiring against them and still have the love of a lifetime before it’s too late?

41Hoh8zjGEL._AC_US218_ (2)The Nakedness of New by Althea Romeo-Mark. CreateSpace Independent Publish Platform North/South Carolina, USA. 2018.The Nakedness of New is divided into six sections: I Caribbean Rooted, II: The Stories of Immigrants, III: Ugly Stories, IV: Lost Love/Liberia (West Africa), V: Sifting Through Life’s Grains, and VI: Going Past Rivers. Althea Romeo-Mark’s verse gives the reader a close-up view of life as an immigrant in the Caribbean and details her experiences in England after fleeing the violence of the Liberian civil war. She takes the reader inside the uneasy tapestry of immigrant cultures that form the Caribbean islands. She goes on to explore the problems encountered by women in a society that is male-dominated, unstable, and unjust; by immigrants displaced from their homes and their ways of life; and by families committed to each other no matter what comes. The Nakedness of New also includes three revealing personal essays and a section focused on her maternal grandmother, a controversial personality who held the family together. Through it all run the themes of resiliency, heart, and dedication to living.

Off KeyOff Key by Rilzy Adams. Amazon Digital Services. 2017.Off Key – When Zoë Caldwell’s record label threatens to drop her unless she pretends to date the embattled, disgraced Liam Trafford, she almost gives up on her dreams. But she had come too far to just fail, so she makes a deal with the Devil.When Liam Trafford’s manager suggests he pretended to date a beautiful girl with an angelic voice to save his career he reluctantly agrees. He doesn’t want to rehabilitate his reputation. He wishes he could go back in time to fix the mistake that ruined both his life and that of an innocent girl. Soon they both realize that the past cannot be fixed but the future is wide open and maybe, just maybe, they can save each other.

meekrThe Plantations of Antigua, the Sweet Success of Sugar, Volume I by Agnes Meeker (w/Donald Dery). AuthorHouse. USA. 2018.  It covers the 50 plantations in the Parish of St. John’s, Antigua, 28 of which still have a sugar mill standing. The majority of Antigua and Barbuda’s place names stem from plantations or their owners. This book provides a chronology of ownership and brief quotes from other works that pertain to each plantation, listed in order from the late 1600’s to the demise of sugar in 1970s –  300 years of sugar history. It represents over 20 years of research.

Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau The Royal Wedding by Dotsie Isaac. Antigua. 2018. The Royal Wedding is a spoken word poem released as a CD single in response to the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

shoutThe Shout: For HALCYION STEEL’S CHAMPIONSHIP PANORAMA 1975 by Franklyn Jones. GG LLC. 2017.One player’s tale of Antigua’s Halcyon Steel Orchestra’s rise, and the tremendous Shout of appreciation that welcomed the band as Steelband Champions in 1975.

Sunny DreamsSunny Dreams Of Rainbows (The Secret Lives of Babies) by Jacquelin Webson and  Faye France (w/illustrator Ros Webb). Figtree Drive Press. 2018. While out walking with her mother one day, a little girl named Sunny sees a rainbow for the first time. Now, she cannot stop thinking and dreaming about rainbows.

sutherland added DecThis Woman Can! The no bullsh*t guide for women who lead by Janice Sutherland. 2018. In This Woman Can, author Janice Sutherland approaches relatable scenarios that both aspiring and existing female leaders face with candor, honesty and simplicity. Providing solutions for women to develop self-belief in their capabilities. Utilizing her personal knowledge as one of the Caribbean’s first female CEOs and drawing on her experiences as an executive leadership coach, she provides practical answers without bullshit acronyms that women can utilize to get the job done. Each chapter provides concise bulleted applications and a list of self- reflection questions to consider that will guide women of all ages along the leadership pathway.

grandmaWhen Grandma Comes to Stay (When Family Comes to Stay Book 1) by Jacquelin Webson and  Faye France (w/illustrator Jayamini Attanayake).Figtree Drive Press. 2018. A family with young children is filled with joy and excitement when they find out that their grandmother is coming to stay with them for a while. As they wait anxiously for her arrival, they reminisce about all the wondrous things they get to do with her when she visits.

Rilzy 2Will you be Mine? (Falling like a Johnson Book 2) by Rilzy Adams. Amazon Digital Services. 2017. Will You Be Mine? – JT Johnson has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember. Hallie, however, seems clueless or deliberately obtuse. When she asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend for her ex-best friend’s wedding, JT hesitantly agrees. Will their escape to the Caribbean be Heaven or Hell in Paradise?

will you be my friendWill You Be My Friend? (Making Friends Book 1) by Jacquelin Webson and  Faye France (w/illustrator tullipstudio).Figtree Drive Press. 2018. Left alone by his young owners who are too busy to properly take care of him a young puppy sets out on a search to find a friend. Along the way, he encounters surprises and heartbreak as he tries to make friends with a lot of different animals, but they all turn against him. However, the little dog is tough and never gives up; until finally, he finds friendship in the most unexpected place.

Yohan bookThe Wonderful World of Yohan by Floree Williams Whyte (with illustrator Stoogeco). Moondancer Books. Antigua. 2017. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Yohan! Yohan’s world is a creation of his vivid imagination. This series of short stories follow Yohan’s imagination-inspired adventures. From day to day his adventures transform his reality and often lead him into accidental mischief.



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  1. Thanks for this! I now have a whole new reading list 😁

    I vote for London Rocks. Loved reading that book.

  2. Rennelle

    I vote for ‘How to Work Six Jobs on an Island .” It was a great example of time management and maximizing resources.

  3. Rennelle

    I vote for ‘How to Work Six Jobs on an Island .” It was a great example of time management and maximizing resources.

  4. Anisha Thomas

    I bote for the gift! It really had me in the feels would definitely read some of the other books on this list though! Really good talent put here!!

  5. The Author

    I vote for Friends to Forever by Roxy Wilson and Keyah Naomi.

  6. Deidra- Gay

    I vote for Be With You: A Valentine’s Romance by Roxy Wilson 🙂

  7. I’m voting for the Guardian Vampire by Roxy Wilson

  8. Thanks for your votes, Author, Deidra, Leanne. Everyone, remember to leave a reason for your vote if you can – tell us why you like the book – and share the post so that we can attract more votes. Thanks!

  9. Jenn

    I am voting for F.A.K.E.! by Vivian Luke

  10. Pat Zollarcoffer

    I vote for F.A.K.E. By Vivian Luke, great book.

  11. Thanks for voting, Jenn and Pat. Voters, a reminder to give a reason for your vote. Thanks.

  12. Janeel

    How to work six jobs on an island

  13. I saw your comment and I’m delighted to be nominated. The response I’ve had is great and I would obviously love to win, so its a vote for – This Woman Can – Janice Sutherland

    • Hi Janice. Congrats on the book and thanks for stopping by and voting. However, as stated in the preamble, we are asking that authors vote for a book by another author (votes for your own book won’t be counted) – and, of course, encourage their family, friends, and fans to come out and support their book or books. Thanks.

  14. Derrick

    I am voting for This Woman can This is one of the best leadership books written for women in the 21st Century

  15. Monica

    I vote for “This Woman Can” from Janice Sutherland. She is definitely inspiring, and a go getter! Invites to action and results! Love it!

  16. I vote for This Woman Can, by Janice Sutherland…… Inspiring. Global. Amazing and a book I want to gift to all women thinking they can’t!

  17. Dionne Imara

    I vote for Shawn Maile’s book: How to work 6 jobs on an island.

    It’s brief, easy to read, and packed with great tips and ideas on how to manage your time and make the most of life’s opportunities. I also liked the entertaining way this “shy boy from a small village” on the island of Antigua tells his story. He is clearly a people person, and he also invites the reader to contact him for advice and guidance.

  18. A. BRANN

    I am voting for Khalilah Brann’s book “The ABCS of the Black Panther party” because her love of sharing knowledge in a straightforward and relatable way is what inspired this book and makes this book great… Also love black history!

  19. Dawn

    London Rocks. A fantastic read bringing back memories of London scene in those days.

  20. DKB

    Khalilah Brann
    “The ABCs of the Black Panther party”

  21. Thanks for your votes, Dawn, DKB; be sure to encourage others to vote and give a reason for their vote.

    • R Charles

      Khalilah Brann
      ABCs of the Black Panther Party

      • Thanks , R Charles. All eligible votes are counted regardless but we do encourage voters to give a reason for their vote (tell people what they love about the book you’re voting for). Just a reminder to anyone reading this.

  22. AriSpeaks

    I am voting for Khalilah Brann’s book “The ABCS of the Black Panther party”.

  23. Toyz

    Man of integrity by Nuffield Burnett gets my vote. It is an excellent memoir and shows how he is a committed family man, Man of God and dedicated yet humble worker.

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  25. Heneka Watkis-Porter

    I vote for Janice Sutherland, This Woman Can. The book is like an MBA in leadership.

  26. Clint

    Milo’s First Winter… Is a great book

  27. Preeta Samarasan

    One vote for Lost here! We loved it at this house!

  28. Charme

    London Rocks by Brenda Lee Browne

  29. AWilliams

    I am voting for Khalilah Brann’s book “The ABCS of the Black Panther party” because it allows kid to learn their narrative. To learn of their own history from their own kids. Decolonizing ed, from the culturally responsive educators of the diaspora. Sleep well my beloved Khalilah.

  30. Samantha Ciego

    The ABCs of the Black Panther Party by S. Khalilah Brann (w/Chemay Morales-James).

  31. My vote goes to The Wonderful World of Yohan by Floree Williams Whyte (with illustrator Stoogeco), put out by her own independent imprint Moondancer. This is a book I gifted to my nephew this past Christmas because I see something of Yohan in him with his spirit and imagination. It is just the kind of book to remind children (boys especially) that it’s okay to be different and essential to dream. Yohan reminds me a bit of Walter Mitty with how it blends reality with what the protagonist imagines (as with Walter Mitty, it can land him in trouble but it also makes for interesting and fun adventures). Yohan’s way of viewing the world reminds me of a day driving along a tree lined path with the named nephew when suddenly he said, I remember driving down this road last week in a dream I had. i love that about kids – how the walls aren’t up yet, and that’s Yohan to the T. I’m reminded to vote for Yohan today (though I planned to all along) as a welcome to the world to Wadadli Pen team member Floree’s own Yohan. Congrats to her and her family on their new addition. Dope book; get it. – Joanne

  32. Judy Zollarcoffer

    Love Love Love this book.

  33. Marjorie Pleta

    I am voting for F.A.K.E.! by Vivian Luke

  34. I vote for F.AK.E. an awesome story by Vivian Luke!

  35. Junette

    I am voting for F.A.K.E.! by Vivian Luke
    It’s a must read and definitely reinforces the importance of creating true friendships.

  36. Amber C. Edwards

    F.A.K.E is a really good read!

  37. I cast my vote for F.A.K.E. — a riveting artfully told novel that compels us all to embrace our friends. We need each other!!

  38. Diane Ward

    I vote for F.A.K.E. By Vivian Luke

  39. This riveting novel enables the reader to see parallels with the London scene of today where the rivalry of misguided youth has become deadly and, for some, the value of life is non-existent. Is history repeating itself?
    But what the reader takes away from London Rocks is that we can grow as individuals if we allow ourselves to think rationally about the direction we wish our lives to take. Significant is the need for moral support from those who have our interest at heart. Our youth, who live in challenging environments, must acknowledge that the death of a rival is not their greatest accomplishment.

  40. Althea Romeo-Mark

    I am voting for London Rocks, a novel I recently read.This riveting novel enables the reader to see parallels with the London scene of today where the rivalry of misguided youth has become deadly and, for some, the value of life is non-existent. Is history repeating itself?
    But what the reader takes away from London Rocks is that we can grow as individuals if we allow ourselves to think rationally about the direction we wish our lives to take. Significant is the need for moral support from those who have our interest at heart. Our youth, who live in challenging environments, must acknowledge that the death of a rival is not their greatest accomplishment.

  41. Breanna

    The Gift! Easily one of the best romances I have ever read. Heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time, where pain and loss but also hope and renewal walk a fine line but work out so well.

  42. Kendell Jacobs

    The gift, is a romance novel that takes you through the sadness of life. While showing that love can find a way even in trying circumstances. All in all a good read.

  43. Denicia

    The Gift. I loved this piece. It really took me on a roller coaster of emotions and the characters will stay with me forever.

  44. Joe

    I vote for The Gift!

  45. Ana

    The Gift by Rilzy Adams 👌👌

  46. Arlen

    Can’t vote for anything else except for the Gift!!

  47. I vote for “The Gift” by Rilzy Adams because it was a tearjerker and fuzzy feelings creator

  48. Kerrie-Ann Robinson

    I vote for The ABCs of the Black Panther Party

  49. I vote for Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure

  50. My vote is for tge Nakedness of new

  51. Petra Williams

    This list is super amazing!! There are so many I haven’t read, that is not good, but know I have the list to need to get cracking!!!! Now to the Vote – Lost by Joanne Hillhouse. Bought several for Christams for my young crew and they loved it. The vote is on there behalf. Oh yes, I read it too ….

  52. Pearl

    I vote for FAKE

  53. Nicole Commissiong

    I vote for F.A.K.E. a novel by Vivian Luke. This novel is a page turner that shows us that friendship is valuable & we don’t need to live fake lives when we’re surrounded by REAL friends.

  54. Travis Weddington

    I vote for FAKE. Great READ! Page turner….

  55. Stephanie Benbow

    I vote for F.A.K.E. By Vivian Luke Love this book..

  56. Michelle Harris

    I’m voting for FAKE!

  57. Janis Hough

    I vote for London Rocks

  58. Erica Reichel

    Loved London Rocks! A great read, and an amazing look into London back in the day. Brenda Lee has so much talent. Anxiously awaiting more.

  59. Raiven

    nothing better on this list other than F.A.K.E!! A must read!

  60. Janet Mings

    Into the black widows web

  61. Janet Mings

    If the shoe fits.

  62. Janet, you’ve voted three times (twice here and once elsewhere on the site). You can only vote once. In order to have your vote counted, please indicate which is your preferred vote.

  63. Nemeka Mason

    I vote for Shawn Maile’s “How to Work Six Jobs on An Island”.

  64. A Thomas

    I vote for Shawn Maile….How to work six jobs on an Island

  65. Natasha

    I am voting for how to work six jobs on an island.

  66. Adisa Stafford

    Shawn Maile. How to work six jobs on an Island

  67. Voting for Shawn Maile, “How to Work Six Jobs on an Island”

  68. I vote for ‘How to Work Six Jobs on an Island’. Very insightful and an easy read! Anyone can learn from it.

  69. Dequan

    i vote for How to Work Six Jobs on an Island an Island Boy’s Dream. really good read 👌🏽

  70. Natoya Richards

    Shawn N Maile…How to work six jobs on an island.

  71. Immanuel Sampson

    Shawn Maile. How to work six jobs on an Island.

  72. Isaac Jakie

    I vote for Shawn Maile’s, How to Work Six Jobs on an Island.

    It’s an intellectually stimulating read that can be appreciated by one and all.

  73. Hester Ssmuel

    How to work six Jobs on an island: from what I’ve read thus far i believe the book can be an inspiration to young people inspiring them to go after their passion, dreams, never to give up and to create their own path in job creativity.

  74. Dellisa Job

    How to work Six Jobs on an Island Shawn N Maile

  75. Garth Thomas

    A real eye opener, for all of us who live on an island and at times are oblivious to the many job opportunities available to us all, weather big or small but in the end, bring additional income….
    Thank you Shawn

  76. Carla

    FAKE! Gets my vote. This book captures your attention from the first page and never loses it!

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