Lisa Allen-Agostini’s HOME HOME: A Review by Robert Lee

Award winning teen/young adult novel Home Home by Trinidad and Tobago’s Lisa Allen-Agostini reviewed by St. Lucia’s John Robert Lee. Also read my review on my other blog

Home Home is a Burt Award title (the Burt Award is a prize for teen/young adult novels, in this case Caribbean novels, funded by Canadian non-profit CODE and administered by the Bocas Lit Fest team in Trinidad). Be sure to use the search feature to the right to find all the Burt titles.

Repeating Islands

0.jpgHome Home – Lisa Allen-Agostini

London; Trafalgar, Dominica: Papillote Press, 2018

I taught children’s and young adults’ literature for several years at our Community College in Saint Lucia to students training as teachers. I became very interested in the genre, its wide-ranging themes, styles and popular authors. Even then, the underlying question was about the availability of stories that spoke to and reflected the lives of our Caribbean children. In those years, the mid-eighties to nineties, it was difficult to find many. Thankfully while there is still much to be done, the situation seems to have improved considerably.

Summer Edward, Editor-in-Chief of Anansesem, a Caribbean Children’s Literature Ezine, is today “devoted to publishing and covering Caribbean writing and illustration for children and young adults.” The Bocas Lit Fest, through its Code Burt award for Caribbean Young Adult Literature, has also ensured in recent years that this literature gets as much…

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