Review of Funso Aiyejina’s “Earl Lovelace”

On the heels of my Two of My Faves post ( which Lovelace was one of the Two mentioned, I found this review of a book on Lovelace. Thought I’d share it.

Repeating Islands

el“The portrait of an icon” is a review of Funso Aiyejina’s Earl Lovelace (The University of the West Indies Press, 2017) by Glenville Ashby (Jamaica Gleaner). Read the full review at the Jamaica Gleaner.

Earl Lovelace needs no introduction. Masterfully original and versatile, his literary work has captivated ­generations. Honoured with ­numerous awards, including Trinidad and Tobago’s Chaconia Medal (gold), the President’s Medal from Pacific Lutheran University, and an ­honourary Doctor of Letters from the University of the West Indies, his place in Caribbean ­literature is sealed.

Capturing such an illustrious career in a far from ­voluminous publication is no small feat. Remarkably, Funso Aiyejina pulls off the improbable with a vibrant and incisive look at the pivotal ­chapters of Lovelace’s life.

Aiyejina’s lends a providential element to Lovelace’s success. His infirmity as a boy saves him from tedious work and affords him time to read and reinterpret…

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